Between The Lines | Bullet To India

The Really Long Way Round

Ten years ago I heard about a ride you can do in India over to Kashmir, and for ten years I have dreamed of nothing else. Now it's time to stop dreaming, so in May 2012 I will leave the sunny skies of Fort Lauderdale and fly to Delhi.

I love vintage bikes, so I got in touch with a restoration company in Delhi specializing in Royal Enfields. I bought a 1965 clunker that they showed me, made a few changes (swapping the gears and punching out the motor to 500cc) and aimed for the Himalayas.

As the plan stands now, I will ride a little over 3500 miles–the equivalent of Key West, Florida to Vancouver, Canada. From Delhi, I will ascend the great Himalayan ranges via the Rohtang pass—perched at an elevation of 15,000 feet, with surrounding peaks topping 18,000 feet. From Kashmir I will ride down to the beautiful deserts of Rajasthan, then it will be back up to mystical Kathmandu. Riding down into Kolkatta will be the last leg, but this is where it goes from a ride to a journey.

As I planned the ride and tallied expenses, I could not help but think of those living in abject poverty in India. So I jumped on the computer and found—a non-profit organization specializing in micro-financing. By giving small loans to people that would not normally qualify, they provide an opportunity for the individual to break the poverty cycle. I'll spend time in Kolkatta working with the team on any projects. This ride is meant to bring awareness for the group.

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