New Motorcycle Products

Gear Bag

Pump Up The Jam
You've got your Harley Street/Road/Electra Glide with the factory sound system but can't hear it over your exhaust or the wind noise over 50mph? You will once you install Hawg Wired's Direct Connect speaker and amplifier kit and crank it up (but you won't do that around town, right?). The system is plug and play utilizing a custom wiring harness, "state of the art" 120 watt RMS amplifier, and pair of Hawg Wired's 60 watt SX Series 4-Ohm speakers. Available as a complete system for $676 or as components, get all the tech specs at
Toasty Digits
When the temperature drops the first parts of a rider to get cold are the hands. Don't suffer this winter-Harley-Davidson has new, battery powered heated gloves. The gloves have Gerbing's Microwire heating technology that uses intertwined, micro-sized, stainless steel fibers encased in a Teflon coating. The wires are smaller and more flexible than other wires and the gloves provide heat across the back of the hand and along each finger. The leather gloves are $170 including the charger, plus $40 for the rechargeable lithium battery. Available only at H-D dealers.
Twisting In The Wind
Looking for that distinctive accessory to set your bike off from the pack? Then get twisted with these Sculpted Chrome Twisted Risers. The risers are available for both 1-inch and 1.25-inch diameter handlebars. Big Bike Parts claims that with the 4-inch rise and 1.5-inch pullback the risers provide a "new look and feel, greatly increasing rider comfort." Installation is easy and stock cables can usually be used with the risers. Check 'em out over at and order your own for $130.
Steady As She Goes
Aaah - the open highway stretches out ahead. For miles. And miles. And miles. Oh, your right wrist is going to hurt! Or not if you get the Kaoko EZ-CRUZ cruise control. The EZ-CRUZ replaces the right-hand bar end and lets the rider retard or stop the action of the throttle return spring. Kaoko claims that it reduces rider fatigue, strain of the hand and wrist, and reduces numbness from vibration. Available for metric and American bikes, prices start at $125 at
Hi-Fi For Your Head
It's a helmet! It's a Bluetooth device! It's the Vemar Jiano Bluetooth: a Jiano flip-front helmet with stereo speakers, microphone and Bluetooth connectivity already built in. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices like a GPS receiver, cell phone or MP3 player, as well as wirelessly connecting with a passenger wearing another Bluetooth-enabled lid. Vemar claims ten hours of wireless operation per charge. has all of the details on this $500 system.