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New standards for Canadian helmets? Is there a problem with BMW ABS? Kawasaki sales spike. She's still ridng at 80. And we're worried about Katie Holmes' butt.

New Motorcycle Emissions Plan Coming
The US Environmental Protection Agency is expected to adopt new motorcycle-emissions regs that conform with an international standard. This will make it easier for mamufacturers to build a single engine for a given model for all markets. At the moment, it may be necessary to build different engined to meet the requirements in differnt places.
Waste News
Environmental News Service (Scroll down)

Canada May Adopt European Helmet Standard
Current laws north of the border require a helmet that meets U.S. DOT or Snell standards. But, as discussed in the artice on, the ECE standard may offer better protection than D.O.T. as is almost certainly better for the average motorcyclist than the Snell standard.
Candadian Broadcasting Corporation
Motorcyclist Online

Speeding Deaths Peak on New Years, July 4, NHSTA Study Says
For some reason August 12 is the next most popular day to speed and die, with several other days in August, along with Christmas and Thanksgiving, showinp in the top 10.

Kawasaki Enjoys Success in Europe
It's motorcycle sales are up 10 percent on the continent, with the Nomad 1600 doing especially well.

Harley Shows "Exceptional Support" for Troops
Besides the freedom connection, there are "care packages" and continued benefits for mobilized employees, extended warrantees for customers who are deployed during the warrantee period, employment opportunities for returning vets, and support for veterans' issues. Harley has been awarded for putting its money where its mouthpiece is.
Woodlands Villager, TX

New Product Development Center for Victory and Polaris
Located in Wyoming, MN, the new facility will cost $35.5 and employ 300 people.

Is there a problem with the Anti-Lock Brakes on BMWs?
Some customers are complaining, even saying they have been injured by the braking system's shortcomings, but BMW says it has no plans to recall or change the system.
Middle East North Africa Financial Network

The Real Issue in the TomKat Relationship: How Could He Make Her Ride "Pillion" on a Rune?
While the rest of the world buzzes about the Scientology issue, we think there is a more important question hanging over the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise relationship. We wonder what he was thinking when he took her to the Los Angeles premiere of "War of the Worlds" on his Honda Rune, which (at least in stock form, which we can't confirm from the photos or video we have seen) has no passenger accommodations? If you really love her, you don't make her sit on the fender.
209542941786,00.html">Los Angeles Daily News, CA

At 80, She's Still Riding Hard
She's still going strong after 54 years of riding.
Detroit Free Press, MI

**Steal a Motorcycle, Go to Jail—for 16 YearsThat's almost enough. Maybe we'll move to the Philippines, where they seem to understand what's important.The Freeman, Philippines

How Harley Revived Itself
Insider Clyde Fessler tells how Harley-Davidson reinvented itself in the early 1980s and launched two decades of success and growth.
DM News

Everybody Loves a Parade
Especially when it's all motorcycles, like the train of Gold Wings at the Wing Ding, held in Indiana this year.
Fort Wayne News Sentinel, IN

Yamaha, Honda Bring Their History to Monterey for GP Weekend
Yamaha, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Honda will display historic models at the sold-out MotoGP at Laguna Seca this weekend.
Parts Magazine
Parts Magazine
Monterey County Herald, CA
Yamaha schedule of events

Wreck of the Week: Plastic-Wrap Prank Injures Rider
It's not only other drivers who forget to think about motorcyclists coming down the road. The kids who ran plastic wrap across a Wyoming road in the middle of the night say they never thought a motorcyclist might hit it.
Muskegon Chronicle, MI

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The Yamaha XS650 Special was a milestone in Yamaha's history. It was the company's first cruiser and its success made it apparent that cruisers were a big part of its future. Yamaha is celebrating its first 50 years.
So where does Katie sit?