Motorcycle News Roundup - November 30 2005 - Arlen Ness To Produce His Own Bike Brand

News Of Interest To Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Arlen Ness to Produce Motorcycles
The famed custom-bike builder plans to build 20 bikes a month with three model styles under his own brand.
Inside Bay Area, CA

We Knew It!
Santa's real—and a biker! This headline confirms it.Akron Leader, OH

Worldwide Motorcycle Sales Projected to Grow by 5% Annually Through 2009
This is according to research from the Freedonia Group, an international business research company in Cleveland, OH. This is actually a drop, from 6.8% annual growth during the 1999 to 2004 period. Freedonia says, "Gains will be driven by the emerging Asian economies, where motorcycles are seen as primary family and work vehicles, as well as by much smaller markets in industrialized nations, where motorcycles are seen as pleasure vehicles." It projects that sales will begin to rise at a stronger rate after 2009. World consumption is currently almost 33 million units.
Industry Week
Freedonia Group Summary

Where the Big Growth Will Be
India has seen a 29% growth in motorcycle sales.
IndiaCar, India

Honda Simulators for British Dealers
Honda is installing motorcycle simulators in UK showroomsa to give potential customers as idea of what they are in for.
AskaPrice, UK

World's Biggest Toy Run?
Organizers are asking the Guinness Book of World Records to certify their 40,000 riders as the biggest ever.
Car Today, South Africa

There's an Ah*le in El Paso**
Motorcycle thefts in the Texas city have more than doubled from last year. Most of the targets have been sportbikes, and they might be stealing pickups to transport them.
El Paso Times, TX

Old News: Cruisers Are Hot
If you haven't been paying attention, read these articles, which will tell you that cruisers are hot sellers, that their riders spend a lot of money to customize them, and that we are getting older.
San Antonio Express, TX
New Bern Sun Journal, NC

Viper Will Build Bikes in Minnesota, not Michigan
It has decided to consolidate production in one facility.
Twin Cities Business Journal, MN

Why You Need to Book an MSF Training Course Early
And one of the drawbacks to mandatory training.
Wasington Post, DC

Future of Hollister Independence Rally Uncertain
The city loses too much money, so the organizers are losing their contract. Unless a new way to fund the city services can be found, the Wild Ones will have to play elsewhere.
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

Even the Tech Guys Know: Driving and Cellphones Don't Mesh
Every street rider has had a close call caused by a cellphone-addled driver, but it's unusal to have a tech magazine writer grousing about it too.
Wired Magazine

Stupid Bike Tricks
Running from the cops, he hits one. Wrong way on the freeway.
Ventura County Star, CA
Rutland Herald, VT

Wreck of the Week
The passenger fell off the bike on the interstate, and the rider just left her there., LA

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This is one many creations by Arlen Ness. His production bikes will share some of this bike's flair.
Arlen Ness
The Diablo will be Viper's second model.