Motorcycle News Roundup - New Honda Safety Motorcycle ASV3 - Next V-Max?

Motorcycle Related Headlines From Around The World

Honda's Safety Motorcycle
The frontal section of the Honda ASV-3 Advanced Safety Motorcycle is designed to appear to the mind as a human face for better recognition. Lighting is configured to help other drivers better judge distance and speed. A rearview camera helps track trailing traffic. Other technologies, including radar and inter-vehicle communication, helps it detect and avoid other nearby vehicles. The technology is being developed for both cars and motorcycles.
Honda World News

Tokyo Motor Show
Suzuki showed a Katana-style six, and Yamaha offwered the first glimpse of what the next V-Max might look like. Other motorcycle manufacturers looked forward to a petroleum-starved world.
Motorcyclist Magazine
Motorcycle Cruiser
Gizmag, Australia

"AirVest" Promoters Sentenced for Investor Fraud
Two men behind one of the inflatable motorcycle vests (there are other companies making these motorcyclist airbags) were lying to investors in the company and pocketing their investments to fund their own lifestyles.

Dream Job: Harley Test Rider
This guys spends four days a week getting paid to ride bikes for a northern California Harley dealer.
Auburn Journal, CA

Corpse Crasher Captured
The is the conclusion to the recent story about the rider in Tijuana who crashed and ran off, leaving the corpse he had dressed in riding gear and strapped to his bike. You won't believe it, but it turns out drugs were involved.
San Diego Union Tribune, CA

Clone Wars: Counterfeit Motorcycles Seized
Czech moto-maker Blata has become the victim of someone building nearly perfect copies of its machines.
Maltamedia Daily News, Malta

Bikes You Buy Online May Be Illegal
That's the warning from the state of Texas, which says it has already turned away some unsuspecting riders who were trying to register motorcycles or scooters they purchased online.

AMA Museum Auction Has Something for Almost Any Rider
The AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum's annual fundraiser is a great way to find the perfect gift for your favorite rider.
AMA Museum Auction Site

Jesse James' Burger Joint
The brains behind West Coast Choppers (and husband of actress Sandra Bullock) is planning a burger emporium in Long Beach, California. It will feature tattooed waitresses, biker-style decor, and real biker food—burgers, shakes, and fries. The bugers will be cross-shaped, of course.Contact MusicHindustan Times, India

Wilma Kills Rider
He hit a tree that the hurricane had blown into the road. He was one of five motorcyclists who died in accidents associated with Biketoberfest 2005.
Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, FL
Orlando Sentinel, FL

AMA President Rasor Elected VP of FIM
The President of America's leading motorcycle organization was selected as the Vice President of the international motorcycle federation.
Roadracing World
AMA DirectLink

Disabled Folks Need Motorcycles Too
A Bermuda businessman is importing bikes for wheelchair users.
The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

Rider Keeps Goose from Getting Cooked...
It's a Mother Goose story/
Independent Online, South Africa

While Turkey Turns the Tables
It's a little early to be bagging your Thanksgiving turkey.
San Diego Union Tribune, CA
NBC 7/39 TV, CA

Jaywalker Causes Crash that Kills Rider, Faces Jail
In a turnabout, it was the pedestrian that killed the rider. The rider swerved to avoid him, crashed and died. Chinese authorities are charging the walker.
China Daily

**Rider Left Passenger to Die **
Another misadventure in China: The rider was illegally carrying the passenger for hire on a stolen bike and crashed. He then fled the scene, leaving the passenger lying in the road. The injured man was run over by a truck.
Shanghai Daily, China

Rider Found a Day After He Crashed
A friend found the man, who had spent a cold night with fractured bones, in time to save him.

Right-to-Repair Act Draws Rider Group Support
Basically, this proposed federal law would give non-franchised shops access to information needed to repair your bike. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is asking for riders to support it.

How to Fix an Oil Leak
Every problem should have such a satisfying solution, and every motorcycle buyer should have such a dealer.
Orlando Sentinel, FL

Suzuki Sees 20% Rise in Motorcycle Sales
The company says it will sell 3.485 million bikes worldwide this year.

Wreck of the Week: This One Has Everything
What happens when everything goes wrong? It started when a deer jumped in front of a group of riders, causing one to crash. It got worse when the following riders weren't ready for trouble and ran into the wreckage and also crashed. Then it turned fatal when a driver got involved and ran over one of the riders before fleeing the scene. Final toll, one dead, six down, and one driver wanted for hit-and-run.

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Is that a fairing or a face? Honda says that drivers will see it as a face and thereby give it more respect.