Motorcycle News RoundUp: Motorcycle Sales Way Up; Honda's Tokyo Show Concept Bikes; Yamaha Sues Patriot

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Florida wants all riders trained. Are gas prices driving motorcycle sales? Victory sales jump 45%. Diesels set speed records. Wheelying in a cop car is a bad idea.

Motorcycle Sales Have More than Tripled in a Decade
This summer, sales of street bikes climbed by 16%. U.S. motorcycle sales have climbed every year since 1992, and they could be on track to pass 1.1 million units this year. That will make the third straight year of sales in excess of one million unit. The best sales year of all time was 1973 when Americans purchased more than 1.5 million motorcycles. The MSF press release below has the details.
Business Wire (Motorcycle Industry Council Press Release)

Polaris Reports Victory Third-Quarter Sales Rose by 45% Over 2004.
Despite concerns about interest rates, fuel and commodity prices, and consumer confidence, Victory's improved model line has kept sales moving up. Still, Victory sales are small part of the company's business (just 3%) and the industry total. Polaris bread-and-butter business, ATVs, has been flat.
Businesswire (Polaris Press Release)
Pioneer Press, MN

Are Gas Prices Driving Motorcycle Sales?
Reducing your fuel spending always been a good excuse for getting a motorcycle, but previous expectations of motorcycle sales propelled by rising fuel prices have always run out of gas.
Orangeburg Times Democrat, SC
The Monitor, TX
Florence Morning News, SC
San Jose Mercury News, CA
Muskogee Daily Phoenix, OK
Conroe Courier, TX

Honda Announces Vehicles to be Displayed at Tokyo Motor Show
Fun, but hardly cruisers.
Honda World News

Yamaha, Blata Sue Companies for Selling Rip-Offs
Yamaha has filed suit against Patriot Motorcycles, Yamoto Motor Corp., and a dealer for selling illegal copies of its motorcycles and ATVs. It also claims that Yamoto has copied its style and feel. Blata is a small Czech motorcycle maker that builds minibikes, scooters, and ATVs. It is suing a Chinese firm for selling quads that it says are a rip-off of its designs. There are a lot of such machines made in China.
San Jose Mercury News, CA
Prague Daily Monitor, Czech Republic
Blata Website
PrimeZone (Patriot Press Release)

Florida Wants Training for All Riders
Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles wants all riders to take a rider-training class in an effort to reduce crashes and deaths, which have almost doubled since Florida's helmet law was repealed three years ago.
St. Petersburg Times, FL
Tallahassee Democrat, FL

Because It's There: Diesel Motorcycles Set Speed Record
Make a category and they will come. The specially build diesel bikes went a bit over 100 mph.
Auto Spectator

Janklow Wants His Law License Reinstated
The Former South Dakota Governor lost it after killing motorcyclist Randy Scott after running a stop sign at over 50 mph.
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, SD
New York Times, NY

Why It's a Bad Idea to Run from the Cops
If you're lucky, you might just go to jail. If you aren't, you could end up like these guys, in the hospital or charged with the homicide of a police officer.
Orlando Sentinel, FL
The Union of Grass Valley, CA

Critter Crashes
Birds, cattle, and bears, Oh my! No word on whether the bear will be cited for leaving the scene of an accident.
San Jose Mercury News, CA
New Straits Times, Malaysia
Washington Evening Journal, IA

Motorcycle Trouble for Cop
He was indicted for trying to defraud Suzuki.

Reimbursements for Motorcycle Mileage May be Halved in Wisconsin
Instead of rewarding senators who reduce congestion and parking problems, the state wants to reduce their compensation.

Security Tip: Park Out of Sight, Out of Mind
The easiest way to keep thieves from your bike is to not let them know it's there.
Bryan College Station Eagle, TX

Do You Have a Living Will?
That was one injured rider's first thought when she came to after a crash.
Waco Tribune Herald, TX

Hillel's Angels
Jewish boys don't ride motorcycles?

Wreck of the Week
Let's see... Going 135 mph. Popping wheelies. Hit a cop car. Check, check, check. Yup, I'm a bonehead.
Dunn Daily Record, NC

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Scooter sales have shot up this year, at least partially in response to high gas prices. Maybe that's why they are being featured at Honda's Tokyo Motor Show display.
Honda's NP6-D concept bike.