Motorcycle News Roundup: Motorcycle Safety Conference Set for March. Annoyed at Arnold. Only Two to a Bike, Please.

Motorcycle news summary for January 18, 2006

Motorcycles good to go...on red? New EPA rules worry V-twin segment, though some cruiser right through. Motorcycles as art in Michigan. Renegade goes to Idaho. Think before you drink. Who's up for a little motorcycle chariot racing?

2006 International Motorcycle Safety Conference Set for March 28 to 30 in Southern California
Titled, "The Human Element" and presented by the U.S. Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the 2006 International Motorcycle Safety Conference will feature presentations and panel discussion by members of the research community from both the public and private sectors including universities, government agencies, training professionals, and the industry itself. Topics include training research, licensing, crash causation studies, training systems and skills development.
Motorcycle Industry Council

Schwarzenegger Draws Flak for Unlicensed Riding
Riders who don't get licenses are more likely to crash, as California's governor, who "never thought about" getting his motorcycle endorsement, has confirmed with two crashes in less than three years. Though riding his sidecar rig may or may not have been legal without a motorcycle license, he usually rides a two-wheeler, which is what he crashed last time.
Scripps Howard News Service
San Jose Mercury News, CA
San Jose Mercury News, CA
Modesto Bee, CA
Ventura County Star, CA
San Jose Mercury News, CA
Los Angeles Times, CA
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, MS
San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Motorcycle Cruiser

Sorry, You Can No Longer Ride Three-Up
Amazingly, the reasons for the ban on three-on-a-bike have nothing to do with safety.
Sun.Star, Philippines

Motorcycle Exhibit Opens in Michigan
It might be too cold to ride, but not peruse the bikes of "Designs Through Time: Motorcycles Past, Present and Future" at the Midland Center for the Arts in Midland, Michigan.
MLive, MI
Midland Center for the Arts

South Carolina Considers Go-on-Red Law for Motorcycles
The bill would allow motorcyclists to go when traffic-light signals don't detect their presence. A similar law was passed in Tennessee.

Custom V-Twin Industry Worries About New EPA Rules
The need for costly certification may threaten small-volume manufacturers of custom and custom-style motorcycles.
Parts Magazine

While Patriot Passes
Other companies have been complaining how tough the new EPA regs are, but Patriot has passed the same standards as the major motorcycle makers.
Houston Chronicle, TX

Renegade Motorcycles Lands in Idaho
The company was formerly operating in Nevada, when it ran into financial woes. Its manufacturing license was picked up by an Idaho firm that plans to produce a 2006 line of bikes.
Billings Gazette, MT

Decide Before You Ride
That's the new think-before-you-drink slogan for a new campaign to curb riding or driving while intoxicated. The program is being promoted by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and RADD (Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drunk Driving).

Missouri Dealer Feels the Heat from Attorney General
The state's attorney says the dealer is charging hidden fees in a bait-and-switch scheme.
Kansas City infoZine, MO

Freak Accident Kills Motorcycle Safety Instructor
He wasn't even riding, just trying to help a struggling student when he fell and died.
Los Angeles Daily News, CA

Remember Motorcycle Chariot Racing?
One of the wackier thing to do with a couple of motorcycles., New Zealand

Brand Recognition
When you're trying to make up an assumed name to tell the police, "Harley Davidson" may be the first thing that comes to mind but may not be the best choice.

Teaching Cops to Ride Like Cops
Sit up straight, Officer!
Galveston County Daily News, TX

Wreck of the Week: Green Light Means Check Before You Go
That's the lesson from this Denver crash, where an SUV driver ran a red light and mowed down four riders who had the green. It's a reminder to look both ways even if the light is green.
Rocky Mountain News, CO

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One Asian country has started cracking down on those who ride with more than two on a motorcycle. But the reason has nothing to do with rider safety.
There are three people on this motorcycle (look closely), but the cops probably won't object in this instance.