Motorcycle News Roundup: Indian's Factory in Demand. Harley Eyes China. Naked Rider Seeks Old Job.

News of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.

In trouble for not crashing. Motorcycle helmets and the trade imbalance. Motorcycle samurais. Counterfeit motorcycles proliferate. Stupid bike tricks.

Where Will Indian Build Its Motorcycles?
Manatee County, Florida hopes to the site where Indian will build 5000 to 10,000 motorcycles a year and employ up to 500 people, starting in 2007. Other sites would like to have the company as well.
The Herald, FL

Motorcycle Helmets as a Slice of Trade Imbalance
However, this article about Korea's HJC, the best-selling helmet brand in the U.S., and its U.S. distributor, Helmet House, is also a tale of different economic cultures, one thrifty and the other unable to wean itself from excess consumption.
Washington Post, DC

Driver of Yamaha's Star Line to Retire
Rit LeFrancois has had a major influence on Yamaha's Star line.
Parts Magazine

Greek Sprinters Face Charges for Not Crashing
Remember the Olympians who said they couldn't make their drug tests because of a motorcycle crash? Apparently the crash didn't happen.
Daily Times, Pakistan
The Herald, UK
Shanghai Daily, China
Baku Today, Azerbaijan

The Motorcycle Samurai as Art
Akira Yamaguchi's paintings are futuristic as well traditional, intense but funny.

Will Opening a Chinese Market Help Harley to Sustain Its Growth?
Can Harley keep defying the "experts'" predictions? Milwaukee's mayor wants the president to help Harley make inroads in the world's most populous country.
Industry Week
Duluth News Tribune, MN
Milwaukee Business Journal, WI

Yamaha and Patriot Settle Copyright, Trademark Lawsuit...
The terms and conditions of the settlement weren't disclosed, but Yamaha is going forward with its suit against China's Yamoto, which actually makes the bikes that concern Yamaha.
The Auto Channel
Parts Magazine
RoadRacing World
RoadRacing World
RoadRacing World
Parts Magazine

...And Why It's an Issue
Yamaha isn't the only one seeing counterfeit copies of its vehicles coming from China. These articles mention counterfeit Hondas and Chevrolets—and one counterfeiters had even tried to patent the details it copied from Chevy.ABC NewsBloomberg

Triumph Sales Up 29% for FY 2005
However, it still only sold 31,600 motorcycles worldwide in its fiscal year that ended in June.
Inside Bikes

Petersen Museum Auction
A bike from Steve McQueen, basket cases, and complete classics sold for prices from $3000 to $105,000 at the Los Angeles motoring museum.
Parts Magazine

Fill It Up at Home—with Hydrogen
Honda introduces the Home Energy Station III, which provides heat and electricity for the home as well as fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle.
Auto Spectator

Helmet with a (Rear) View
A mirror is built into the helmet.

Motorcycle LoJack Hits the Streets
With something like 60.000 motorcycles stolen every year, this may be the best way to get your bike back—and perhaps get some payback for the person who stole it.Arizona Republic, AZAmerican International Automobile Dealers Association, VAAZ, AZLoJack site

$70 Fine for Trucker who Killed Three Riders Upheld
In Iowa, your life is worth just $23.34.

65-Year-Old Driver Runs Light, Hits Rider, Drives Past Him Twice, Goes Home.
And now she faces felony hit-and-run charges. The rider suffered a broken shoulder.
Times Community, VA

Driver Who Killed Rider Pleads Insanity
The driver was fleeing the cops at the time.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI

Rider Gets Hosed
A 14-year old faces charges for stretching a hose across a road, which put the motorcyclist into the hospital for three weeks. Maybe there is a message about this in the name of the city where it happened.
Mainichi Daily News, Japan

City Held Liable for Blocking Driver's View of Motorcyclist
A California jury says that Oakland's failure to trim brush, which blocked a driver's view of an oncoming motorcycle with right-of-way, was partially responsible for the accident and his injuries.

Does Riding Naked Disqualify You for Government Work?
She was charged and found guilty for riding nude, but will it cost her a job? Maybe she can find a second career as a boxer...
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, PA

Stupid Bike Tricks
That fleeing-the-cops thing usually turns out badly, especially if you run a red light and hit a truck. And being late to meet your buddies might seem minor when that 284-kph (175-mph) ticket comes right on the heels of a speed camera clocking you at 249 kph (155 mph). Shriner loses it. Following closely means you can crash together.
Houston Chronicle, TX
Brisbane Courier Mail, Australia
The Tennessean, TN
Southern Standard, TN
Citizen, South Africa
News 24, South Africa
NZ City, New Zealand

Wreck of the Week
She dreamed it before she rode off a curve and plunged three stories into a lake.
Seattle Times, WA
Seattle Times, WA
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA

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