Motorcycle News Roundup: Honda Rolls Out Motorcycle Simulator. Bike Sales Up Worldwide. Schwarzenegger Crash Kills.

Motorcycle news summary for February 1, 2006.

Mississippi motorcyclists seek tax relief. What country makes the most motorcycles? Myrtle Beach may put a cork in it. Unusual crashes. Donors buy Harleys for Philly.

Honda Motorcycle Rider Trainer Coming to a (Canadian) Dealer Near You
This is a PC-based simulator that allows a rider to practice the basics of motorcycle operation without moving. American Honda says the idea is under study for this market but has no plans to deploy it in the U.S. yet.
Stoney Creek News, Canada
Honda World News
Japan's Corporate News, Japan
Auto Channel

Schwarzenegger's Crash Leads to One Fatality
The California's governor's highly publicized crash may not have caused him or his sidecar-passenger son serious harm, but contributed to the quick death of the annual bill to repeal California's helmet law. Check the quote at the end, too.
Sacramento Bee, CA

Honda Worldwide Motorcycle Sales Rose in 2005
The company built over 12 million motorcycles and ATVs worldwide last year. It now produces almost twice as many motorcycles outside of Japan as it does at home.
Honda World NewsNew York Times, NY

Victory Sales Driving Polaris Industries Through Tough Times
Seven years after its first model, the V92C, was rolled ofs the assmebly line, Victory saw a 34% increase in motorcycle sales in 2005 and now has two percent of the U.S. motorcycle market. That is very a good thing for parent Polaris as snowmobile sales have fallen because the snow hasn't.
Grand Forks Herald, ND
Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, MN
New Ratings

Suzuki and Kymco Too
Suzuki saw double-digit percentage gains, and Taiwan's Kwang Yang Motor Company (Kymco) is looking for a 5% increase in sales during 2006.
Powersports Business
Powersports Business

What Country Makes the Most Motorcycles?
The same one that makes the most of almost everything else builds half the world's motorcycles too. They plan to make one for you.
China Knowledge

Mississippi Motorcycle Owners May Get Relief from Outrageous Tax
Under laws that went into effect this year, the already-stiff taxes on bikes had tripled. The state's House unanimously approved a bill that would roll the tax back. There is a similar bill pending in the Senate.
Biloxi Sun Herald, MS
Jackson Clarion-Ledger, MS
Jackson Clarion-Ledger, MS

Viper Motorcycles Buys a Home
The company has announced its 2007 models, and now it has a place to build them. Compnay reps say it will break even if it sells 400 bikes a year.
Monticello Times, MN
Motorcycle Cruiser

The Ultimate Powered Bicycle
Need a 60-mph bicycle? Get a rocket.

Community Raises Money for New Highway Patrol Bikes
Philadelphia philanthropists created a nonprofit charitable corporation to accept contributions to replace the force's 65 motorcycles, which are two decades old.
Philadelphia Daily News, PA
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA

So You want to Be a Harley Dealer...
One man's quest to be the world's best Harley-Davidson dealer.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week May See Tighter Rules
The city is looking at ways to reduce noise, which became a major issue during the last city election. Some officials say that if they can't quiet motorcycles, voters will force something more drastic.
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC

Wreck of the Week: Riding on Thin Ice
Skidding around on the ice or simply taking a shortcut across a frozen lake can be fun...if the ice is thick enough. The deaths of two Canadian riders is being blamed in part on this year's mild winter weather.
Toronto Star, Canada
Ottawa Sun, Canada
The Toronto Star, Canada
Toronto Pulse 24
CBC Toronto, Canada

**Plus a Few More Unusual Crashes—and Non-CrashesThis first one just seems to be a case of a rider who just failed to learn his lesson after having his license pulled for a year. The rest are just plain strange.icWales, UKKCBS TV, CAOrange County Register, CALos Angeles Times, CAAll Headline News

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Honda's motorcycle trainer allows you to learn basic motorcycle operation while sitting still.
The simulator can present a variety of situations.
You can experience traffic threats without risk.
It can also simulate other situations, such as nighttime.
An instructor can stop the "ride" in mid-action to discuss the event.
2006 Victory Jackpot