Motorcycle News Roundup - Counterfeiting Comes To A Bike Near You, A Quarter Of New Hampshire Road Deaths Were Motorcyclists, Governator Is Back (In The ER)

Motorcycle news summary for January 9, 2006

Snowmobiles? We don't need no stinkin' snowmobiles! Just stick a sidecar — and maybe a tire chain or studs — on your motorcycle (in this case a Kawasaki Vulcan 800) and hit the snow. Just wear something warm around your body. And you better have some electric riding apparel. And warm, waterproof boots. Those hand enclosures are pretty important too. You also need to wrap your face in something. Don't forget to pump up the anti-freeze level too, and make sure your battery can handle the cold. Or you could be what we did and move to southern California, and then complain about how hot it is during those January rides. Those temps in the 80s this week have been greuling. This photo was sent to us by Martin Franitza, who runs a German website dedicated to winter riding.

Feds create motorcycle advisory board—and so does Virginia. Honda sales up. Will Harley grow too? China tries to reorder its bike export market as India takes aim. Minnesota has a new bike maker.

Dynojet Warns of Counterfeit Jet Kits
The counterfeit kits, usually for Harley Twin-Cam models, don't have the proper components. Dynojet recommends buying from a reputable dealer. Its release shows ways to spot fakes.
Dynojet release
Parts Magazine

As Joe Rocket Goes on the Attack Against Counterfeiters
Counterfeit Joe Rocket apparel has been seized and legal action taken against those, including dealers, who distribute it.
Joe Rocket release

Motorcyclists Were 25% of New Hampshire Traffic Deaths in 2005
Of the 165 people who died on New Hampshire roads last year, 42 were motorcyclists, putting motorcycling deaths far out of proportion for miles ridden, especially since there are months when motorcycling virtually stops in New England. Only two of those fatally injured had received rider training, so the state is focusing efforts there.
Boston Globe, MA
Boston Globe, MA

Honda Motorcycle Sales Increased by 16% Worldwide in 2005
Honda sales around the world rose to 12.5 million motorcycles, an increase of about 1.7 million units.
Honda World News

As China Tries to Bring Order to Its Motorcycle Industry
China is the largest motorcycle exporter in the world, but the companies are mostly small and the business is pretty rough-and-tumble. The government is trying to get it to clean up its act.
People's Daily, China
China View, China
CCTV, China
Shanghai Daily, China

And Here Comes India
Observers say India's motorcycle manufacturers could soon be building more motorcycles than China.
Indiacar, India

Honda Shows Advanced Safety Vehicles in U.S.
The two prototypes, a scooter and a car, showcase technologies that might prevent accidents and injuries.
American International Automobile Dealers Association

Viper to Build Bikes in Minnesota
The company also says that it will introduce a line of proprietary engines ranging from 115 to 152 cubic inches next month.
Twin Cities Business Journal, MN
PR Newswire

Clamp-Down on Loudest Pipes Having Effect
After noise-law-enforcers and riders listened to each other, complaints about motorcycle noise and enforcement both dropped, even if the tickets kept on coming.
Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

Can Harley-Davidson Inc. Continue to Grow?
As domestic sales begin to slow, can Harley sustain growth with new markets?
Chicago Tribune, IL

As the Veep Pays a Visit
VP Dick Cheney used Harley Kansas City factory to make a speech about the administration's anti-terror policies and the economy.

Are Bikes Becoming Single-Track Cars?
Airbags, GPS, XM Radio...Is DVD entertainment next?

Feds Create a Motorcyclist Advisory Council to FHWA
Under provisions of the new Highway Bill, the Motorcyclist Advisory Council to the Federal Highway Administrator (FHWA) will help to ensure that motorcycles are considered when specifications and designs are being set for roads, bridges, barriers, and other highway components. Requirements for membership on the council are very carefully specified.
Federal Register

As Virginia Governor Creates Motorcycle Advisory Council of His Own
The 28-member council will advise the governor on safety, tourism and business development.

Honda Hoot Becomes AMA Regional Convention
Honda's big event in Knoxville, Tennessee will be now be a big American Motorcyclist Event as well. It will be held June 21 to 24.
AMA DirectLink
Honda Hoot

Wreck of the Week: The Governator Gets a Fat Lip
It was a common but fortunately minor crash. A driver backed in front of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger near his Los Angeles house as he rode his sidecar-equipped Harley with his son in it. Unable to stop in time, Governor and son impacted relatively slowly and sustained minor injuries—a cut lip for the bodybuilder/actor/politician. We are always amazed that so many celebrities—whose faces are their fortunes—don't wear full-face helmets to protect them. This is Schwarzenegger's second crash in three years. He rear-ended a car in 2003, breaking some ribs. After getting 15 stitches in his lip, we wonder if he told the ER staff, "I'll be back." Maybe that was last time.San Franciscxon Chronicle, CASacramento Bee, CALos Angeles Times, CASan Diego Union Tribune, CA

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