Motorcycle News Headlines: Sales Up, But Prices Might Be Too. Last Indians to Be Sold.

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Harley and Victory post sales gains, but prices could rise sharply. Last of recent Indian motorcycles to be go on sale. Bike thefts climbing. Harley Twin Cam owners expect perfection. Drunk judges and road rage hurt motorcyclists...

**Harley, Victory Mark Record First Quarters. **
Polaris reported that Victory sales were up by 40% over the first quarter of 2003. The new Sportster series has seen a 20% increase in sales.
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
Miami Herald, FL

Bike Prices Could Rise with Steel Cost
That's what they are expecting Brunei anyway.

**Last "New" Indians Up for Sale **
The owner will sell the last 40 of the 2004 production, some specialty bikes, and a couple of 2005 prototypes.
Hollister Freelance, CA

**Bike Thefts Rising in Florida **
Sportbikes are the preferred targets, and according to one of these reports, really light ones.
Pensacola News Journal, FL

Further Twin-Cam Lawsuits
Apparently some owners don't believe that Harley could have a first-year teething problem—or even lose value.
Duluth News Tribune, MN

**Judge Accused of DUI in Crash that Severely Injured Rider **
The latest case of motorcyclist run over by errant politico is playing out in Orange County, California, where a retired Orange County judge on Dec. 5 struck a motorcyclist while allegedly under the influence.
Los Angeles Times, CA

Driver Gets 10 Years for Road Rage Incident That Paralyzes Motorcyclist
The prosector says the driver feels regret for causing the injury but not for attacking the rider with his truck.
San Francisco Chronicle, CA
Mercury News, CA

...And this road-rage incident was directed against a motorcycle cop., Australia

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Victory and Harley-Davidson are both enjoying increased sales, though Victory is still a long way from being a threat to Harley's sales dominance.