Motorcycle News Headlines, November 12, 2003

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Trade war may strike Harley. Indian sale close. Wisconsin crash crisis. Motorcycle licenses recalled.

Harley-Davidson Likely Victim of Looming Trade War
With Monday's ruling by the World Trade Organization that the Bush Administration's three-year tariff on imported steel is illegal, the European Union is preparing to enact its counter-tariffs against U.S industries. One of the targets is likely to be Harley-Davidson. The tariffs will be imposed in mid-December unless the U.S. removes its tariff, which was being to look likely by Wednesday morning.
Los Angeles Times, CA
Scotsman, UK
Boston Globe, MA

Bidding for Indian's Assets Enters Final Round
The stakes have apparently been raised, and it will probably be next week before thje new owner or owners of the assets of Indian Motorcycle Company are known.
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

Rising Motorcycle Death Count Spurs Call for Better Rider-Training Access in Wisconsin
With 98 fatalities so far this year, Wisconsin may be headed for a 20-year high in motorcycling fatalities. Minnesota is also seeing alarming numbers. This is leading to calls for more support for rider training, to reduce waiting time for a course. Unfortunately, there is no research to indicate what the accident causes are, so it is unknown whether training is actually the answer. One of these articles suggests that Harleys, older riders, and alcohol are major factors, but without any cross-section of non-crashing riders to measure against, those are not proven factors, either.
La Crosse Tribune, WI
La Crosse Tribune, WI

We've Heard of Motorcycles Being Recalled, But Motorcycle License Endorsements?
The Moundsville, West Virginia DMV office may have been giving incomplete tests. About 250 motorcyclists still have licenses that are affected and must be retested. An investigation into the situation has been launched.
Wheeling News-Register, WV
Wheeling News-Register, WV

New York Motorcycle Chop Shop Busted
We just love reading about motorcycle thieves getting arrested.
WROC TV, Rochester, NY

Janklow Jurors Won't Hear About Speeding Tickets
The long list of speeding citations received by Congressman William Janklow before he ran a stop sign and killed motorcyclist Randy Scott, won't be presented at his trial next month, though testimony about his near accident at the same intersection will heard.
Los Angeles Times, CA

New Hampshire Supreme Court Upholds Sentence of Man for Killing Ex-Wife in Bike Crash
The wife was a passenger on her new boyfriend's motorcycle when the man drove closely behind them. Although his car never touched the bike, the jury ruled that his actions caused the crash, which killed the woman.
Nashua Telegraph, NH

But Florida Judge Rules, "Kill a Biker, Don't Go to Jail"
Driving at twice the legal BAC, this driver turned in front a motorcyclist and killed her. He was found guilty of manslaughet, which carries a minimum sentence of 13 years. Instead the judge gave him probation.
St. Petersburg Times, FL

Hanoi Police to Shoot Riders for Speeding
It's only with paint guns though. It helps the cops catch the culprit in Vietnam's sea of motor bikes.
Calgary Sun, Canada

Stolen Intruder 1500 Turns Up Underwater
Taken from a hotel parking lot in September, it was found intact by divers at the bottom of Lake Coeur d'Alene.
Idaho Stateman, Boise

Quick Turn-Around Boosts Harley's Production
Its Kansas City plant tooled up rapidly for 2004 models and added 700 additional models to projections.
The Business Journal, MO

Talking About Harley's Strategy from Bust to Boom
How the team that got Harley-Davidson Motor Company in the early 1980s took it from the brink of collapse to market leader, as told by one of the guys -- Clyde Fessler -- who was there for the whole ride.
Lawn & Landscape, OH

And would it work for India's "Stud Muffin" Enfield?
Indian TV, India

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