Motorcycle News Headlines: Kill Motorcyclists for $23 Each, Indian Future Undetermined, Robots on Motorcycles and Lots More

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Do robots know motorcycling is supposed to be fun? Kill a motorcyclist, pay $23. Indian remains in limbo. South Dakota unlikely to seek "justice for all." Deadly diesel.

**The Robotic Motorcycle **
Ghostrider is being developed to compete against other robot vehicles in a race staged by the military, but we doubt that the microchip gets the fact that motorcycles are supposed to be fun. Judging from the videos, it isn't exactly the smoothest rider to come along either. Maybe Honda's ASIMO can do better.
GhostRider Robot
New York Times, NY
Tech TV

**Kill Three Motorcyclists, Don't Go to Jail **
In Iowa, it costs you just $23 each to kill motorcyclists.
AMA DirectLink

**South Dakota Unlikely to Legislate Stricter Penalties for Deadly Drivers. **
Despite the AMA's call for Justice for All, lawmakers in the state where Bill Janklow killed motorcyclist Randolph Scott and got a hand-slap seem to feel accident avoidance is the rider's responsibility. Ready for a Sturgis boycott yet?

**Can We Make Drivers More Aware of Us? **
Florida motorcyclists are trying to do just that.
Pensacola News Journal, FL

**Indian's Suitors Lose Interest **
The two parties that once sought to revive the Indian Motorcycle brand say they have lost interest. Indian's "intellectual properties" -- the name, logos, unique designs, patents, etc. -- are still in play and being negotiated for, however.
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

**Los Angeles Councilman, Motorcycle Cop and Motorcycle Trainer **
Los Angeles City councilman Dennis Zine volunteers as a LA Police Department reserve officer and also trains motorcycle cops for another department.
209542004783,00.html">Los Angeles Daily News, CA

**New Hope for New Hope Noise Enforcement **
Motorcycle noise has become a hot issue in New Hope. Pennsylvania. The latest ordinance and enforcement plan may have reached a happy medium.
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA

**Deadly Diesel Spills **
Many motorcyclists are killed and injured by spills from overfilled diesel tanks, according to this report.
Manchester Evening News, UK

**Daytona Toll Rises to Six **
The latest rider to die hit a curb in the wee hours of Friday morning, but lingered until late Sunday.
Sarasota Herald Tribune, FL

Harley to Build Service-Training Facility in Kansas
It's the first facility of its kind and will be constructed in Frontenac in eastern Kansas. A local college and university will also be involved. It is expected to be open in August.
Pittsburg Morning Sun, KS

**Are There Risks from Helmet Use? **
How about broken necks?
Billings Gazette, MT

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