Motorcycle News Headlines, December 11, 2003

Lot of news for motorcycle enthusiasts

Lots of News! Ness to mass-produce bikes. Helmet HUD. Indian fans still wait. Fatality figures up. What's ahead for the motorcycle biz? Life as a rider-trainer. Kawasaki's past and future.

Customizer Arlen Ness to Mass-Produce Bikes
The famed custom-bike builder will begin to build complete bikes on an assembly line early in 2004.
112711817776,00.html">San Mateo County Times, CA

**Heads-Up Display for Motorcycle Helmets **
A Seattle company expects to bring one to market next spring.
New York Times, NY

**Will Indian Ever Be Sold? **
The sale of bankrupt Indian Motorcycle Company was expected to happen a month ago, but the "auction" drags on. However, the price has apparently been going up.
Hollister Freelance, CA

Family Values: Indian Riders, Dealers Have Gift Drive for Laid-Off Indian Workers
This sort of show of support and caring makes even cynical us believe in the "Indian family."
Gilroy Dispatch

**Record Numbers of Motorcycling Fatalities in Wisconsin, Minnesota **
More motorcyclists have died in 2003 in Wisconsin than any year for the past two decades. The toll has passed 100 in Wisconsin. Minnesota's deaths are the higher than they have been for 15 years. Sales, miles ridden, and new Class M license issuances are up, but 75 percent of the Wisconsin fatalities, including the passenger that was number 100 fatality, also weren't wearing helmets. In Wisconsin, 57 percent of the fatal accidents were single-vehicle crashes. The average age of the fatally injured riders is also increasing.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI
St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN
The Milwaukee Channel, WI

**North Carolina Reviewing Helmet Law **
Some of the usual fallacies -- helmets can hurt you -- are being aired, but a new idea is being floated. One legislator thinks that relaxing a helmet law might be good for a state's economy because it attracts rallies. The research generally supports the viewpoint that removing or relaxing helmet laws leads to an increase in fatalities.
Raleigh News-Observer, NC
U.S. Newswire

Bush Lifts Steel Tariff, Heading Off Trade War that Could Have Hit Harley
However, further trade disputes over U.S. export-tax breaks ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization could bring retaliation anyway.
Crop Decisions, MO

Lock Your Bike: Motorcycle Thefts Increase
Motorcycles are increasingly popular, and not just with buyers. El Paso isn't the only city seeing an increase in stolen motorcycles, but we took extra locks on out Texas ride anyway.
El Paso Times, TX

**John Hoover Leaves Kawasaki **
One of the major movers behind the Vulcan series is retiring.
Cycle News, CA

Pondering the Future of the Motorcycle Industry
Will the motorcycle sales boom fizzle as baby-boomers age?
108341815523,00.html">Oakland Tribune, CA

A Look at the Life of a Rider-Training Instructor
On the training range by 6:00 a.m. on weekends, teaching skills, then give the bikes some attention. Team Oregon recognizes one of its best.
The Oregonian, OR

**Rallying for Rider Safety **
Ohio riders want to remind everyone that motorcyclists are out there and vulnerable after one of their number was killed during a charity ride.
Kentucky Post, KY

**Breaking the Bike Ban? **
Motorcyclists in this California housing development are trying to get the CCRs changed to allow them to ride home. But noise remains the issue.
Nevada County Union, CA

**Loud Pipes Earn Tickets **
Motorcycle noise is also an issue in nearby Susanville.
Lassen County News, CA

**Haul Your Honda in Your Honda **
The company is finally expected to build a pick-up Alabama, naturally.

**Watch Out for Truck Debris **
This Japanese rider was killed by a cardboard box that blew off a truck.
Japan Today

**Kawasaki History **
From ocean cruisers to our kind.
Malay Mail, Malaysia

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News and site updates have been delayed because the entire editorial staff has been on the road this past week. We rode from Southern California to Big Bend in Texas on the Biggest Twins -- Harley's 1690cc CVO Electra Glide, Honda's 1795cc VTX1800N, Kawasaki's 2053cc Vulcan 2000, and Yamaha's 1670cc Road Star for an upcoming comparison test in the pages of _Motorcycle Cruiser and a segment on Outdoor Life Network. Here contributor Marc Cook tells the TV camera's about the technical features of the bikes._ Photos by Andy Cherney.
Our ride through the Big Bend region took us over 1200 miles from home to some beautiful country but not the consistently warm temperatures we hoped for. Though it got warm one day, we also saw sub-freezing temperatures a couple of days.