Motorcycle Headlines: U.S. New-Bike Sales to Top a Million; Teenage Heroes; Pigskin Custom

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Motorcycle recalls. Your loud pipes are making you deaf. Honda's impact in America. The "Globe of Death" is still thrilling. Frances kills bikers. Ducati wants Aprilia. Plus lots of happy statistics.

**U.S. Motorcycle Sales Are Booming **
U.S. sales of new motorcycles are likely to top a million units for the first time in decades. This first story offers little actual detail, though the second one looks at gas prices as a driving force. Maybe people are realizing that motorcycles actually do get better mileage than those hybrid cars.
Cincinnati Post, OH

Are Your Riding More Now?
Our sister-site MotorcyclistOnline, would like your vote on whether you are riding more for transportation as fuel costs have risen. The poll is down on the left side of the home page.
Motorcyclist Magazine Online

**Motorcycling Stats **
This article lists many motorcycle sales and demographics figures, if you can deciper them.
Newsday, NY

Teenage Heroes Save Rider After Crash
These teenagers recognized that the rider was about to crash, then applied what they saw on TV to save his life after he severed his leg.
LaPorte Herald-Argus, IN
South Bend Tribune, IN

**Progress in Wisconsin **
Fatality figures are down after last year's record, but still above normal
Appleton Post Crescent, WI

**List of Motorcycle Recalls ** now has a list of recently recalled motorcycles, by brand

**Loud Pipes Cost Hearing.. **
Earplugs are a great accessory for your loud pipes.
Dr. Koop

**...And Create Enemies **
When you are making the the local city council member sleep with earplugs, your pipes are too loud.
New York Times, NY
Providence Journal, RI

**The Impact of Honda's American Factories **
Honda was the second Japanese company to build motorcycles in America but the first to make cars here. That decision changed things in the U.S. and Japan. The view 25 years later.
Columbus Business First, OH
Japan Today
Cincinnati Enquirer, OH

**"Globe of Death" Still Wows Them at the Fair **
The Fearless Flores Circus and Thrill Show perform at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.
Idaho State Journal, ID

**Frances Kills Four Motorcyclists **
Two couples hit a a downed tree. Their speed on the dark road was estimated at 70 mph.
Daytona News-Journal, FL

**Superbowl-Themed Chopper **
This bike pays homage to the Patriots, featuring a four-inch replica of the Lombardi Trophy over the headlight, logos from the two Super Bowls the Patriots won, and a seat covered with the same leather material used for footballs.
Record-Journal, CT

**Ducati Still Wants Aprilia **
Italy's motorcycle-industry drama continues.
Parts Magazine, CA

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Denny Berg's Copper Chopper is worth an extra look.