Motorcycle Headlines & Upcoming Events: Do You Need More Training? Helmets Go Wireless. Harley Hiring Vets.

Motorcycle news and upcoming events

New feature: Upcoming motorcycle events. Plus news on Harley's museum plans, daytime headlight protest, and a particularly stupid bike trick caught on tape—if the cops can find the tape.

**MSF Sees Need for Recurrent Training **
It turns out that those introductory rider-training courses—which have been the main thrust of motorcycle safety efforts in most states—aren't doing much to prevent accidents. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has launched a "Safety Renewal" project to look for advantages in training beyond that simple basic course you may have taken. Motorcyclist Online

**Harley to Give Hiring Priority to Vets **
Those leaving the military will get special consideration under this program launched by Harley-Davidson and other companies.
Milwaukee Business Journal, WI

**The Wireless Helmet **
Now you can connect to your communication devices with out wires. We're partial to riding disconnected.

**Harley Museum Gets One Step Closer **
Approvals that will make the $23 million Milwaukee facility possible were granted this week, despite some concerns.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI

**French Motorcyclists Protest Daytime Headlight Use **
For cars, that is. Daytimer running lights on cars makes it harder to see motorcyclists. This is an issue that has been raised in America too.
Expatica, Netherlands

**Myrtle Beach Will Have Just One Rally in May **
You may not realized that Myrtle Beach was two rallies run at the same time. When sponsors talked about separating them, the city threatened to shut both down.
Myrtle Beach Online, SC
The State, SC

**Will the Governator Bring Indian Motorcycles Back to California **
Former employees hope that Indian's new owners will return to Hollister to restart production.
Hollister Freelance, CA
Hollister Freelance, CA

**Most Crashes Are Stupid, But Some Earn Extra Points **
They laid beer bottles at the scene of the accident where a man died doing wheelies without pants. The people taping it need lawyers.
Hagerstown Morning Herald, MD

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