Motorcycle Headlines & Upcoming Events: 205 MPH? Yeah, Right. Loud Pipes Kill. Organ-Donor Anger.

Recent motorcycle-related news articles and upcoming events.

Upcoming events, plus: More women riding, more fuel-cell bikes, more rental motorcycles, rider-training instructors wanted, more.

**The 205-MPH Man **
The story of the sportbike rider who was clocked (literally) going a record 205 mph with an expired license in Minnesota got more coverage in the mainstream press than any motorcycle-related story we have tracked in the last two years, including the Janklow manslaughter story. Of course, it is virtually impossible for the bike, a lightly modified Honda RC51 (not the CBR1000RR reported in some stories), to go that fast. The police aren't backing off, however. Not that the actual number matters much in practical terms. Whether he was going 140 mph or 50 percent faster, a rider traveling that fast would have virtually no chance of avoiding a car or deer that came on to the road suddenly, and at such speeds, a motorcycle could easily kill occupants of a car. This could bring renewed calls for restrictions on motorcycle horsepower and performance. The links below include not only general news coverage but also some more expert commentary and the postings of a person who claims he was the rider.
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN
The Smoking Gun
Superbike Planet
Birmingham News, AL
Times Daily, AL
NPR (Audio) Interview with Officer
Roadracing World
Roadracing World Forum Postings

**Noise Can Cause Heart Attacks **
A pretty convincing study conducted in Europe shows that annoying noise can increase the chance of heart attack by as much as 140 percent. This isn't going to make people feel warm and fuzzy about loud pipes.
CBS News
The Australian

**So...Loud-Pipe Wars Brewing **
Local don't like illegal loud pipes. Riders don't like being called outlaws.
60102423881,00.html">Townsend Times, MA
Pawtucket Times, RI

Motorcyclists-As-Organ Donors Commentary Triggers Annoyance
The AMA finds the columnist's comments "insulting and ill-informed."
Chicago Sun-Times, IL
AMA DirectLink

**Yamaha Testing Fuel-Cell Bikes **
The company joins the marck to cleaner, more efficient power.
Fuel Cell Today
Platinum Today, UK

**Daytona's Biketoberfest May Be Modified in Wake of Hurricanes **
The community is looking for ways to recover and considering an extended event or a different date.
Daytona News-Journal, FL
Daytona News-Journal, FL
Daytona News-Journal, FL

**Minnesota Needs Motorcycle Training Instructors **
And it isn;t the only state being overwhelmed by demands for rider training.

**Motorcycle Industry Magazine Replaces Stolen Birthday Bike **
Her Kawasaki was stolen the day after she received it as a birthday present, but when the magazine heard about it, they got her a Suzuki.
Record-Courier, NV

**More Women Are Riding **
Old guys aren' the only one who have decided it's time to fulfill their dreams.
White Plains Journal News, NY

**Insurance Program Could Make It Easier to Rent a Motorcycle **
Dealers will be able to insure rental fleets, creating more rental sources and increasing competition, which might lower prices.
Business Wire

**Harley Honored for Supporting Reserve, Guard Troops **
Harley's support in the orkplace and to customers has been exemplary.
Hispanic PR Wire

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