Motorcycle Headlines, October 29, 2003

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Helmets -- and helmet laws -- still save lives. Honda bikes sales off. Bidding closed for Indian with "Ride On" slated.

Helmet Laws Still Save Lives
And motorcyclist deaths increase -- sometimes doubling -- where they are repealed.
KATC, Lafayette, LA
Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

But Louisiana's Governor says "It's a matter of personal choice" and thinks rider training should be mandatory (not decided by personal choice.)
Bayou Buzz, LA._

Honda Reports Quarterly Results
It's a case of deuling headlines, but the company sold fewer motorcycles in North America than a year ago.
New York Times, NY
Honda Investor Relations

Seven Bids for Indian Motorcycle Company's Assets
But the bids are for different components of the company, and not all want the trademarks. The sellers are trying to determine which bid is most attractive. The suspense continues for the tribe.
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

Indian November 1 "Ride On" Events Slated
Fans of Indian are planning support rides and this weekend, with major rides and press conferences planned for 13 cities around the country. We notice that the home page of the dealer that is hosting the ride-info site has many models at significant discounts.
Indian of Long Island, NY

The styling may be a bit quaint, but he's proving that they build them tough in Russia.
King County Journal, WA

Deaf-Mute Motorcyclist's World-Circling Ride May Have Ended with Illinois Crash
If you doubt that Russian toughness, check this out. A collision with with a truck on the interstate left this 62-year-old deaf-mute Russian rider with broken legs, arm, and pelvis and may have destroyed his Jawa, but he still plans to continue his around-the-world ride.
Patagraph, Bloomington, IL
Peoria Journal-Star, IL

Shoot-n'-Scoot South Carolina Style
This South Carolina motorcycle cop tried to pull a driver over, but he wouldn't do it. Then the driver tried to run the trooper off the road. Next he pulled a gun. That's when the cop drew his own weapon. He fired two shots and hit two 80 mph. We're impressed.
Greenville News, SC

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By getting more crashers to wear helmets, mandatory helmet laws save lives.