Motorcycle Headlines: Labor Day Cautions, Air-Conditioned Bikes, and Indian Larry is Gone

News of interest to motorcyclists.

Ready your bike for the hurricane. Honda's 25th Anniversary. New S&S; facility. The "other guy" can also be on two wheels, but he night also be an animal. S&S; has a new plant. The Old-Guy menace. Blue Ridge Parkway blues, and more good news/bad news.

**Labor Day Weekend: Be Careful Out There **
Labor Day weeknd is one of the heaviest motorcycling weekends of the year. Police will be watching you and watching out for you, but other drivers may not be.
Daily Nonpareil, IA
Washington Times, DC

**Preparing Your Bike for a Hurricane **
Some last-minute tips from the American Motorcyclist Association for protecting your bike before Frances blows in to help celebrate Labor Day weekend.
AMA DirectLink

**Motorcycle Air-Conditioning Being Tested in U.S. **
Israeli physicist has a cool idea.
Israel 21C
Times of India

**Indian Larry Dies During Stunt Show **
Discovery Channel watchers are familiar with the bike builder and stunt rider, who died during a show. Various memorials and tributes are planned. Unfortunately, his death from head injuries while riding unhelmeted is a reminder that even experienced stunt riders can benefit from helmets. He was 55.
New York Times, NY
Arizona Republic, AZ
Salisbury Post, NC
Charlotte Observer,NC
Black Hills Pioneer, SD
Miami Herald, FL
1010 Wins, NY
Big News Network, Australia
ASPCA Site Where Family Requests Donations be Made in his Name
Indian Larry Website

**Honda Marks Its 25th Year in America **
And thinks about "the next step."
Morning Journal, OH
Cincinnati Post, OH
Montgomery Advertiser, AL

**More Older Riders, More Crashes and Fatalities **
Since no one will pay for research, no one knows the significance of the fact that older riders make up an ever larger percentage of crash and fatality statistics.
Winston-Salem Journal, NC
Winston Salem Journal, NC
Star-Telegram, TX
Senior Journal
Chicago Sun-Time, IL

**And More of Them on the Blue Ridge Parkway **
Though velocity doesn't necessarily seem to be an issue, speeders are being targeted, with fines of up to $1000.
Raleigh News, NC
Winston-Salem Journal, NC

Sometimes the Other Guy is Also a Motorcyclist
Head-on crashes can be just as fatal when it's two motorcyclists.
Ventura County Star, CA

And Sometimes He's an Animal
Critter cause over 25,999 acidents a year in the U.S.
CDC Site
Channel One

S&S; Opens New Facility
The motorcycle engine manufacturer throws a party to celebrate.
LaCrosse Tribune, WI

Straight Pipes Targeted by Regulations
In response to noise complaints, bikes made after 1982 would have to have stock pipes.
Pawtucket Times, RI

**Before You Work on Your Bike This Winter...A Cautionary Tale **
Be careful with that fuel or you might burn your house down like this guy.

**Thelma Hale: SoCal Motorcycle Pioneer **
We don't think she was quite as unique as this story implies, but she is still a bit of living history.
Navy Compass, CA

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