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Nude biker beer bash, pocket-bike problems, Janklow aftershocks, image problems, Harley sponsors motorcycle-sciences school, new motorcycle brand and dealer organization launched, hybrid bikes coming, sales still up, rider stereotypes, Honda's factories changed lives, Harley's factory changes lines, and more.

Charting Motorcycling's Dividing Lines
The Los Angeles Times says you are what you ride—as long as you fit one of its stereotypes. Los Angeles Times, CA

Honda's Hybrid and Fuel-Cell Bikes
Starting with small scooters, Honda is working on ultra-clean, super-efficient two-wheelers, using fuel-cell, electrc and hybrid engine technologies. They are all prototypes at this stage, but we expect to see some of these technologies in showrooms&3151in at least some parts of the world—within a few years.
Honda World News
Honda World News
Honda World News

**Motorcycle Sales Continue to Climb, Along with Safety Concerns **
North Americans continue to buy ever more motorcycles. There are more people riding, including women, but accident numbers are rising too.
47462358168,00.html">Lowell Sun, MA
214792338767,00.html">Long Beach Telegram, CA
Springfield State Journal Register, IL
Arizona Republic, AZ
Journal Pioneer, Canada

**One Nasty Accident Reminds of the Dangers of Group Riding **
According to this report, the first bike crossed the center line and collided with a car that then came across the center divider and hit the second bike. Both riders on both bikes died.

**Iowa Officials Blame Speed for Spike in Motorcycle Fatalities **
But they seem to have little actual evidence to back up that assertion or even any info about exposure—if there are more motorcycles riding more miles, for example.

**Rider Run Over by Dump Truck—Perhaps Deliberately—Files Suit The dump truck driver is alleged to have deliberately run over the motorcyclist who was slow to go when the light turned green. Pittsburgh Channel, PA WNEP TV, PA Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA Indiana Gazette, IN

Janklow-Scott Crash Repercussions Still Being Felt...
On the anniversary of the crash where the ex-governor's recklessness killed motorcyclist Randy Scott the ripples are still apparent/
Yankton Daily Press, SD
Aberdeen American News, SD
Aberdeen American News, SD

As Woman Who Killed Two Motorcyclists Gets Probation
She caused two deaths, and gets five years probation. They haven't even decided how long she'll have to give up her driver's license.
Herald-Tribune, FL

**Honda Develops Intelligent Night-Vision System **
Designed to allow drivers to better see pedestrians, it should also help to make motorcyclists more visible.
Honda World News

Cops' and Others' Concerns Shut Down Motorcycle Events...
Noise and fears of big, bad bikers are among the factors keeping rallies out of some communities. And there is the nude biker beer bash...
Durango Herald, C0
East Brunswick Sentinel, NJ

**While Other Communities Wonder **
Other cities think hosting motorcycle events might bring in big bucks or simply liven the place up.
Weiser Signal American, ID

**Harley-Backed Motorcycle-Sciences School Opens in Kansas **
Courses ranges from technical to management.
Pittsburg Morning Sun, KS
Pittsburg Morning Sun, KS

**Honda's American Factories Changed Lives **
"Two extraordinary human beings who happened to be Japanese" quickly overcame their concerns about Ohioans' large fingers.
Detroit News, OH

**Harley Will Combine Touring-Bike Assembly Lines **
Formerly assembled on two assembly lines, Harley's touring models will use a single line.
York Daily Record, PA

**Saxon Starts Manufacturing Bikes in Arizona **
The latest brand of custom motorcycles with Harley-pattern V-twins will launch with a 2005 line.
Phoenix Business Journal, AZ
Business Wire

**National Motorcycle Dealers Association Launched **
A business organization, the National Motorcycle Dealers Association, has been created for U.S. and Canadian motorcycle dealers.
Business Wire
NMDA Website

Little Bikes Problem Grows Larger Too
Police and other agencies around the country are warning of the dangers and illegalities of the tiny, cheap pocket motorcycles as crashes and deaths begin to show up.
Caoe Cod Times, MA
Honolulu Advertiser, HI
Quad City Times, IA
Oregonian, OR
Park Hills Daily Journal, MO
Kansas City Star, MO
Grand Forks Herald, ND

**Kill My Husband and I'll Give You a Harley **
Maybe it was just an 883, because the proposed hitter went to the police.
Rockford Register Star, IL

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