Motorcycle Headlines and Upcoming Events: Kryptonite's Lock Exchange Program, Yamaha's Water-Fueled Bike, Honda's Intelligent Scooter

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**Kryptonite Offers Free Lock Upgrades After Hack Resurfaces **
Someone discovered over a decade ago that you can easily defeat some Kryptonite tubular-cylinder locks using just the barrel of a pen. Recently, this method of subverting the locks has resurfaced widely in several internet videos. Kryptonite (which was purchased a few years ago by the same company that owns Schlage locks) is offering free upgrades, which also apply to some Harley-Davidson-branded accessory locks (and others) made by Kryptonite. Despite what some sources say, you don't need to have registered your lock, but you do need to have the keys, when you send the lock back for the upgrade. The company is also offering extended theft-guarantee programs on locks registered by the end of October.

A Kryptonite spokesperson offered these details: "Kryptonite has put in place a Lock Exchange Program. This is _not_ a recall. Anyone with a Kryptonite lock that has a tubular cylinder can sign up to have that lock exchanged for a non-tubular cylinder lock. It is very easy for consumers. They go to our web site [see link below], fill out a form with their name, address and lock type, and they will get an email back shortly with a UPS call tag (postage paid). They send back the lock to us, at our cost, and a new one will be sent to them free. This is any Kryptonite lock, or any lock made by Kryptonite (including our co-branded products), no matter how old the lock is and no proof of purchase is necessary. The only things people need are the lock and keys."

Some stories say other locks with tubular-cylinder mechanisms can be defeated by the same system. The Kryptonite spokesperson told us, "Tubular cylinders have been the industry standard for more than three decades. You will find tubular cylinders in vending machines, gun cabinets, elevators, ignition systems and other security items. Any of these could have a potential concern. However, this method will not work on all cylinders either."

We asked Harley (which uses this style lock for its ignition and fork locks) about the issue, but it tells us that its lock mechanism can't be overcome by this method. (By the way, we debated about providing the link below to the video showing how the Kryptonite lock can be defeated, but we finally decided that it was important for reader-owners to see how quick and simple it is to unlock them this way, since plenty of thieves already know and several videos are readily available.)

The Cnet story linked to below isn't particularly enlightening, but it is amusing.
Tech News World Video
Kryptonite Bulletin on exchange program
Cnet News

**Yamaha Road-Testing Fuel-Cell Bike **
With gasoline hitting $2.00 per gallon or more in most parts of the U.S., an engine that uses liquid methanol diluted in water as its fuel sounds pretty interesting.
Japan Corprate News Network
Fuel Cell Today

Honda Shows "Intelligent" Scooter
Intelligent Transportation Systems are anticipated to automate major roadways and greatly reduce traffic accidents and injuries, and they are being fast-tracked in Europe (as CORDIS article explains). But there has been little discussion about how powered two-wheelers would fit into the systems. Honda offers a glimpse. The scooter also includes some features, such as conspicuity enhancements, that would seem useful on any road.
Honda World News

**John Kerry Won't Give Up His Harley **
At the very end of this article, it talks about querying Kerry about the fact that his Harley makes more emissions than a modern car. Kerry says he is surprised about that fact (which is true), but says he won't give it up.
Front Page Mag

**Florida Chase Kills Highway Patrol Officer **
About every couple of weeks, we read about a motorcyclist running from the police and riding into disaster. Usually, the disaster befalls the motorcyclist, who frequently dies. This time, however, it was the cop who died when he his car blew a tire, departed the roadway and hit a tree. That, of course, was bad news for the motorcyclist when he was caught, since he now faces additional felony charges. We suspect that pulling over when the red lights started flashing seems like a much better option about now.
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL
Olando Sentinel, FL
Sun-Sentinel, FL

Big Dog Getting Bigger
The Wichita motorcycle builder is looking for a bigger dog house to handle its expanding business, and it has made a promotional deal with Mooney Aircraft Company.
Wichita Business Journal, KS

**90 Years and Still Roaring **
Dudley Perkins in San Francisco celebrated its 90th anniversary in style.
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

And celebrating half that...

**Baring a Bit for Charity **
The Gold Country Ladies of Harley chapter is taking some of it off for a 2005 Calendar that is a fund-raiser for cancer research.
Sacramento Bee, CA

More Jurisdictions Worry About Rising Motorcycle Death Tolls
Missouri and an Indiana county see rising motorcycle fatalities, and police remind riders that there is still a helmet law in Missouri.
Indianapolis Star, IN
Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic, MO
Johnson County Daily Journal, IN

**Fall Brings Its Own Dangers **
It gets darker earlier, motorists are even less likely to look for you, and other points to remember.
Fremont Tribune, NE

**The Case for Letting Someone Know Where You Are Going to Ride **
It took over a month for anyone to find the bodies of each of these riders. If they'd known where to look, it might even have saved a life.
San Luis Obispo Tribune, CA
New York Daily News, NY

**Noise Complaints May Provoke Limits on Motorcycles **
Frustrated by noise complaints and limited success enforcing noise laws, the city may "corral" motorcycles in the downtown area.
Providence Journal, RI

**Two Charged in Video-Taped Stunt Death **
Two others who were present when the rider (who was wearing no pants as the hook for the video) hit a truck and died.

"Brothers" Feud Over Patch
Two Kentucky clubs are going to court to decide which groups gets to call itself the Southern Brothers Motorcycle Club and wear the patch associated with it.

Man Bikes Dog
Canine companion has custom riding gear

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Honda's AVS concept scooter will be shown at the 11th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems, to be held October 19-24, 2004 in Nagoya, Japan. The scooter exchanges information with other intelligent vehicles to determine their proximity, speed and direction to warn the rider if a collision is imminent. The sissybar-like extension is a communications antenna, which is also equipped with a high-luminance white LED. A multi-functional dash display conveys information from other vehicles visually, and a helmet with built-in speakers and microphone allows inter-vehicle information to be relayed to the driver and improves conversation between rider and passenger.
Big Dog's 2004 Bulldog.