Motor Bike Expo's Yamaha OJ1300

XJR1300 built by Venezia Moto for Motor Bike Expo

Verona, Italy's Motor Bike Expo is one of the best custom motorcycle shows in the world. At last year's event we saw more diversity and creativity in custom builds in such a small area, it took us the full three days to soak it all in, and we could have taken much more.

One of the most amazing bikes we saw at Motor Bike Expo was this custom Yamaha XJR1300 designed by the show itself as a result of a very successful relationship with Yamaha. The bike is a blend of modern performance and classic styling. Part cafe racer, part superbike, the OJ1300 is one hell of a machine that looks like a blast to ride. We caught up with Frederico from Motor Bike Expo at Wheels and Waves to talk to him a little bit about his bike.

For more info on the Motor Bike Expo, check out their site HERE