Moto Act of Kindness Goes Wrong: Video

It doesn't always pay to be the nice guy

Getting a driver to admit they messed up is a pointless endeavor. Sure you end up riding away feeling a little better about the incident, but the act of chasing down a cager just for your gratification is an unnecessary risk.

In this circumstance, the rider gets blatantly cut off. In his words:
"I normally never lose my temper on the road, even after he cut me up i was trying to give him his wallet back. But then he proceeded to flip me off and thats why dropped his phone on the ground."

In so many of these videos, while you want to side with the biker, they're not always in the right. Here, the rider isn't going too fast, he is not out for vengeance, he is just genuinely trying to give the guy back his wallet, not paying attention to the fact that he was just cut off. Unfortunately for the driver, he assumed he was going to be forced to confront his driving error, and responded with a preemptive middle finger. Bad call, ya jerk.

Thanks for the video PadWings, we love your attitude and think you handled this situation flawlessly!