Modern Work Gloves Are Tougher Than You Are

From chemicals to touchscreens, these gloves are capable of many tasks.

"Get your filthy hands off the furniture!" What wrench monkey hasn't been on the receiving end of that tongue-lashing? Quality work gloves keep your fingers and palms free from grit and grime, so you'll never soil another pricey armchair. Just remember to shuck the gloves when you finish the job, leaving the greasy buildup outside where it is less likely to kindle a domestic disturbance.

Speaking of making smart decisions, you wouldn’t wear hand-knitted mittens to drain engine coolant or lube a drive chain, right? Latex-free nitrile rubber is chemical-resistant, so gloves made from that synthetic material are ideal for use when handling hazardous fluids. Likewise, when Googling torque specs, touchscreen-friendly fingertips are a godsend. And cut-resistant gloves will do the trick if you require protection from sharp bits.

AMMEX Heavy-Duty Nitrile Disposable Gloves claim to be latex- and powder-free, with a raised diamond pattern for improved grip in wet conditions.Amazon
Ironclad Command Grip Work Gloves have conductive palms and fingers to ease hands-covered smartphone or tablet screen use.Amazon
The Mechanix Wear Cut-Resistant E5 Gloves incorporate an internal layer of Armortex that is said to deliver CE level 5 and ANSI A5 protection.Amazon