Minibikes Of The One Moto Show

Tiny choppers from Portland, Oregon’s custom and vintage moto show

What started out as sort of a joke has turned itself into a full-blown art form here at The One Moto Show. A Coleman 100cc pull-start will cost you all of $350 online, but these builders are throwing countless hours at them to turn them into the awesome customs we saw on display. While they come in a small package, a lot of work went into these little customs.

From pristinely restored Honda Trails and Monkeys to the lineup of pull-start choppers, there’s no doubt that all builders involved had a lot of fun with these bikes. Now off to Mama Tried to watch even more minis compete at the Flat Out Friday races!

When the show was over, the HWY team chained this to a pole outside of See See and posted the code to the lock on their Instagram for one lucky winner. It lasted three minutes.Morgan Gales
Warren Kendall's little orange chop had us wishing we were 3 feet tallMorgan Gales
Utopeia Moto's Honda 250Morgan Gales
Savannah Rose built this mini to match her KitchenMade chopperMorgan Gales
Rich Silva's stoner chopper might be the most work ever put into a pull-startMorgan Gales
A replica Panhead primary on Warren Heir's tiny chopperMorgan Gales
Prism Supply manages to make a pretty proportional chopper, just in a tiny little packageMorgan Gales
Ashley Mitchell's splatter-paint pull-start springerMorgan Gales
Hermes, Son of Zeus by Prism Supply CoMorgan Gales