Metzeler Muscles In As Tire Sponsor At 2019 Mama Tried Show

German tire giant will showcase its new Cruisetec line at event Feb. 15–17

Thunderbike’s custom Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 outfitted with new Cruisetec rubber.Courtesy of Metzeler

Sponsoring a motorcycle event usually doesn't mean all that much to consumers. Maybe they score some free swag, gain complimentary admission, or have to tolerate a lot of banner advertising. But seriously, "Official Sprocket of Daytona Bike Week" doesn't really pull the eyeballs—unless you happen to own a shop or wrench with a race team. Still, the custom bike show scene has acquired serious cachet in the last few years, and aftermarket companies have taken notice: BMW, then Harley, and now Indian have taken turns sponsoring The One Show in Portland, Oregon, and German tire behemoth Metzeler has just announced it'll be the Official Tire Sponsor of the 2019 Mama Tried Motorcycle Show in Milwaukee. On its face, that doesn't seem like a big deal, except the Mama Tried invitational is now in its sixth year and going strong, so Metzeler also decided it would be a prime opportunity to show its brand-new Cruisetec tire, a higher-performance option for V-twin riders, for the first time to the North American public. As a side note, Harley-Davidson is the main sponsor for the 2019 Mama Tried Show.

Metzeler’s newest tire is designed from the ground up and features dual compound as well as a revised tread pattern for better performance in rainy conditions.Courtesy of Metzeler

The all-new dual-compound Cruisetec series will slot in above the company's Marathon series in terms of performance, while the ME 77 Perfect still targets the custom bike category. The Cruisetec, which is also said to provide better cornering feel, improved braking, and improved performance in slick conditions, was launched back at EICMA 2018, and Metzeler figured the Mama Tried Show was a prime space to feature it and its other tires to custom builders from across the US. Mama Tried was originally created by two friends trying to spark some life into the cold Midwest winter, but these days, it draws record crowds and more than 100 different builders during its event. The industry's best come to showcase their work, and the level of bikes displayed has boosted the Mama Tried Show to must-attend status on the custom scene in a short time.

See y’all at Mama Tried.Courtesy of Metzeler

Metzeler will showcase the Cruisetec and additional tires from its lineup this February 15–17 at the Eagles Ballroom. For more info, see Mama Tried and Metzeler.