Making Your Sportster Stop

Upgrading Sporty brakes with Speed Merchant and Lyndall Brakes

Lyndall brake rotors
Lyndall's Brake Rotors are high performance, low temperature, and backed by an unconditional guarantee. The larger 13" rotor for the front wheel and smaller, stock sized rotor for the rear.Staff

A wise old man once said "Sportster's not dead, they just suck new." Actually I think it was Lady Hump. And while that isn't always true, I have found that the braking systems on these bikes tend to be far from high-performance. To build a truly raced out, high-performance Sporty, we reached out to our friends at Speed Merchant and Lyndall Brakes.

Speed Merchant has devised an ingenious mounting system for second hand GSXR radial mounted brake calipers to bolt right on to your bike. They have two sizes, so if you want to use your stock discs, but upgrade the calipers, that's an easy and cheaper option as well. We opted for the larger, top of the line discs, as well as pads from Lyndall Brakes.

Lyndall brake pads
Spacing out the new Lyndall brake pads in the stock caliperstaff

Taking the rear wheel off is quick and easy enough that we decided to do it just to change out the pads. Changing out the pads on the stock caliper is pretty self explanatory and everything pops off with a couple of screws. The new pads have virtually no break in and are a huge improvement over stock, even on stock discs.

Speed Merchant Radial Mounts
Mounting up the Speed Merchant 13" Radial Caliper Mounts over the stock discs, which will soon be replacedstaff

We bolted on the new Radial Caliper Mount from Speed Merchant to make sure everything would fit before taking the wheel off to replace the rotor. The mounting system in black is available from SM for $154.95, and you can find used Tokico calipers on ebay for under $50. If you're looking to do this job on the cheap, you can keep your stock disc and just upgrade the caliper for a smaller but still substantial improvement.

Lyndall Brake Rotors
Removing the stock disc, we install the new one using the same hardware.staff

The new rotors not only offer a huge difference in performance, they also look about a thousand times better than the stock ones. These are 100% made in the USA, and have been race proven by some amazing riders.

Lyndall Racing Brakes
Sliding the new Tokico caliper with Lyndall brake pads onto the new rotor. The new caliper fit right on with two bolts.Staff

After bleeding the brakes and making sure the calipers were spaced correctly, I did a couple of laps to make sure everything was good and tight. You'll want to get your discs up to heat and check your mounts again before going out and doing any serious riding, just to be safe.

Lyndall Racing Brakes
Lyndall Racing Brakes and pads installed with the stock caliper on the Sportsterstaff
Speed Merchant Radial Caliper Mount
Lyndall Racing Brakes rotor and pads installed with a Tokico Caliper mounted with Speed Merchant's 13" Radial Caliper MountStaff

This Sporty now stops on a dime and looks good doing it. Next step: upgrade the foot controls to some Chainsikle Low Sets.