Lost and Found at the Buffalo Chip 2017

Y'all left your weird sh*t again

Every year as the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally comes to a close and the campers from the Buffalo Chip make their departure, they leave in their wake an extremely wide variety of well... weird shit. From a couple booby coozies to your grandma's couch, here are most of the weird things you all left behind on your way out!

See the full list of items left behind at the Buffalo Chip this year in this article published in Sturgis Rider News Blog.

A portable camping toilet that is... not so freshSturgis Buffalo Chip
"Dear bikini beach .. I leave you with Misti the mannequin. Take care of her well. She's got broken hearts from loving on so many awesome people. She decided to stay and wait for more to come back to the best party anywhere. See ya next year"Sturgis Buffalo Chip
A campsite without the tentSturgis Buffalo Chip
A classy little vase and bouquetSturgis Buffalo Chip
This discomboobulated bobble boobie koozie.Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Enough wasted cheesy poofs to make Cartman crySturgis Buffalo Chip
Someone's runnin' around without their drawersSturgis Buffalo Chip
A giant smashed set of balls...Sturgis Buffalo Chip
A not-so-floaty boatySturgis Buffalo Chip
A set of sweater stretchersSturgis Buffalo Chip
Half of a Canadian TuxedoSturgis Buffalo Chip
This artsy mirror, which, in case you can’t read it, says, “Your face is a picture in my mind I want you to frame with your thighs.”Sturgis Buffalo Chip
This United States Navy USS Chosin CG 65 Dragon Ship Cap.Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Someone dipped out without their poolSturgis Buffalo Chip
The irony of his "F*ck Up And Find Out," shirt is almost too much... almost.Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Several full-sized grillsSturgis Buffalo Chip
Your grandma's couchSturgis Buffalo Chip
A little bible verse on a rockSturgis Buffalo Chip
A bridge a group of campers made so their buddy in a wheelchair could join them for coffee every morning.Sturgis Buffalo Chip
Just a handful of keysSturgis Buffalo Chip
Only one cell phoneSturgis Buffalo Chip
Six sets of glassesSturgis Buffalo Chip
A bunch of credit cards and IDsSturgis Buffalo Chip
aaaand lastly... THISSturgis Buffalo Chip