JSK Moto Reimagines The BMW R nineT With Project Autobahn Streak

Simplicity and complexity in one stunning Bavarian café rocket

The BMW R nineT
Kingsman Cushion made the dyed leather seat. Three Harmony Fabrication made the metal tail section to Kao’s specs. Air Runner did the paint, with aftermarket parts sourced from Roland Sands Design, Motogadget, Akrapovic, Driven, Beringer, Earl’s, WRRP, ENLiNT, DK Design and Gears Racing.Johnson Yang

Samuel Kao is one of the Bike Exif-generation builders, creating rolling sculptures of simple complexity that even major manufacturers like BMW take notice. Three years ago the storied German bike maker published a photo of Kao’s Chocolate Slider on its website, and the following year an R nineT scrambler version was produced. The acknowledgement inspired Kao to step up his game in the form of this Autobahn Streak.

fairing and oil tank cover
The fairing and oil tank cover is one piece, made like a shell. Kao attached the shell to the motorcycle with just three connection points, as simple as changing your phone case.Johnson Yang

“The shell we created is made out of fiberglass, a decision due to the complexity of the lines we wanted for the build and the simplicity we tried to achieve,” Kao explained. “With our freedom of shape, we moved the seating position forward making the ride position less aggressive and improving comfort to the rider.”

Samuel Kao
Los Angeles-based designer Samuel Kao is one to watch in more ways than one.Johnson Yang

To clean out the front end, Kao created a CNC upper triple tree designed purposely to only accept clip-on handlebars. The side vents were also fabricated to complete the look for the side profile.

The undoubtable silhouette of a boxer.Johnson Yang

“We wanted to have the signature BMW angel-eye headlight for the motorcycle,” he added. “We sourced it from a car, and although small for a motorcycle, it’s a great platform to add a custom aluminum vent around the headlight to help dissipate heat and create a futuristic look.”

Kao estimates he put 800 hours into the Autobahn Streak. With all the custom parts, if he was to sell the bike tomorrow it would come with a $80,000 price tag.

“I used to race 10 years ago, both road and endurance,” he explained. “During the race, if the motorcycle needs to go into the pit to get fixed, everything needs to be adjusted quickly and simply. Because we designed a vintage-looking race motorcycle. I didn’t want it to just look like it. We wanted it to have necessary function. Only three bolts, so you can pop up the one-piece fairing and can reach everything inside.”

Chocolate Slider scrambler
For the Chocolate Slider scrambler, Kao decided on a custom aluminum gas tank and tail fairing to shave weight for better mobility. To improve control off road, the original handlebar was swapped for a carbon-fiber BMX-style V bar. According to Kao, this shape reduces fatigue and improves cornering leverage when going fast on dirt roads.Joe Cheng

Kao also partnered with Taiwanese watchmaker Elegantsis to create the JX65JSK Limited Edition automatic timepiece, which 112 backers pledged $85,233 to bring this project to life.