Ives Brothers Wall of Death at Laconia Motorcycle Week

Travelling board track museum performs death defying stunts on a vertical wooden wall

Wall of Death Ives Brothers
Kyle Ives catching dollars towards the end of the showMorgan Gales

Hanging over the edge trying to get photos as the Ives Brothers blur past me, I feel the railing shake and the building rumble with each revolution of their vintage Harleys on this vertical wall. The brothers, bringing their 60 year old bikes up to 40mph around the small wooden ring that couldn't have been 20' tall. Travelling the States, keeping an old school American tradition like this alive, these guys are the real deal. I had seen videos and heard my friends talk about the Wall of Death, but I had never had the opportunity to see it in person until now, at Laconia Motorcycle Week.

We walked into the center of the Motordrome to meet Kyle and Cody Ives, the two daredevils that would be performing for the crowds only moments later. Both young, enthusiastic and friendly brothers seemed to not have any sense of the impending danger as they described the process of jumping up to the vertical wooden wall on their old Flathead Harley-Davidson, and other antique H-D models.

Wall of Death Ives Brothers
Cody and Kyle riding one handed bar-and-bar on vintage Harley-Davidson two-strokesMorgan Gales

The crowd shuffled in as the show began and the Ives Brothers' father took the stage to announce what was about to happen. Some members of the Iron Lilies, who have been making appearances and leading rides all over Laconia this week, sat in the middle of the wooden structure and cheered the guys on and took photos while they rode around. The audience glanced around excited and nervous, looking at the stylish old Harleys sitting below, about to be ridden.

Kyle Ives was up first on a hardtail H-D Flathead. After kicking the thing over a few times, he fired it right up and was vertical on the board wall in seconds. After that, Kyle came back out on a sixties Harley two-stroke, going a little faster and pushing it a little harder. Up next was his brother Cody on another H-D smoker, whipping the bike right up to the ledge before bringing it back down lower on the wall. Finally Kyle hopped on an old Honda thumper to ride around and collect tips from the audience, the only way the guys make money, as it is a free show. If you gave $20, he would grab a shirt from his brother or one of the Lilies in the middle and come back around and throw it at ya. I was smiling ear-to-ear behind my camera, this really was an amazing show.

Wall of Death Ives Brothers
The Motordrome from the outsideMorgan Gales

Afterwards, the guys sat on either side of the exit and shook hands with each and every person that watched the show, thanking them for coming. The whole operation travels around as a family, with the Mother and Father, the boys riding the walls, and a couple little ones in tow as well. The whole thing harkened back to a bygone era and put a smile on everyone's face.

If you're in the New Hampshire are for Laconia Motorcycle Week, be sure to cruise by the Laconia Roadhouse and see the Ives Brothers do their thing, it's a show unlike any I have ever witnessed!

Wall of Death Ives Brothers
Kyle on the old Harley Flathead he races aroundMorgan Gales

For more information on this amazing show/ travelling museum, or to see their schedule, check out their Facebook page HERE