Independent - Yamaha XS400 from Della Signs

Gallery of a vintage scrambler twin spotted in Verona

Yamaha XS400 scrambler
Independent XS400 by Della SignsDella Signs

A bike doesn't always have to be big and powerful to get your blood pumping. For Emanuelle, it was the brilliant simplicity of Yamaha's XS400 and what he could do with it. This little jammer would be just as comfortable jamming full speed down a dirt trail as it would parked in the local piazza for a cup of espresso.

XS400 Scrambler
Yamaha XS400 by Della SignsDella Signs

We first spotted this bike in the booth of Della Signs at the MotorBike Expo in Verona, Italy several months ago and it instantly left an impression. The lightweight chassis of the XS400 was a perfect platform for this little whip of a build. The bench seat gives the rider a variety of seating options while standing or sitting and riding over whatever obstacles you may encounter. Two to Two straight shot exhaust pipes give the bike a great balance of sound and power while keeping a tight clean look.

XS400 Scrambler
Exhaust pipes on Della Sign's XS400Della Signs

The original bike used for this custom build was a 1970s Yamaha XS400, which isn't a particularly fast or nimble bike. But by taking almost everything off of it, modifying the subframe, changing up the pipes and bars, Emanuele was able to transform this middle of the road cruisey standard into a full-blown scrambler motorcycle.

XS400 Scrambler
Emanuele's XS400 'Independent'Della Signs

The hand done lettering on the gas tank is obviously done by the man himself, using his years of expertise as a sign painter. We love the bratty look of this little scrambler and would love to have the opportunity to whip it around someday!

XS400 scrambler
XS400 from Della SignsDella Signs

If you like Emanuele's style and want to see more of his sign painting, check out his Facebook page HERE