One of BMW's most popular models, the R nineT, likely gleaned its success from the simple fact that it's so dang easy to personalize. The R nineT's brilliant modular design allows you to pop off the subframe, or even disconnect sections of the wiring harness without totally frying the electronics. It's a pretty appealing feature and one that plenty of bike builders and home DIYers take advantage of because of the low sweat equity needed for what's a relatively big payoff.

The BMW R NineT Moto-Kit comes with everything you see here: fuel tank, 2 K&N air filters, 1 K&N Enginebreather filter, E-tray, Alcantara leather seat, subframe, all hardware and manual.Courtesy of Hookie Co.

The whole process has become even easier—or at least, more plug-’n’-play—thanks to German custom shop Hookie Co. which has rolled out its new scrambler-biased Moto-Kit for the R NineT. The handmade Moto-Kit, which is compatible with all BMW R NineT models that don’t position the ECU directly under the seat, lets you change the bike’s entire design—not just the subframe—in a short time, and without expert-level tech skills.

No mods are needed. Just remove the stock fuel tank (this is Hookie’s Tricolor unit) and accompanying parts.Courtesy of Hookie Co.

It’s pretty cool to know that you can skip the grinding wheel and ditch the welding torch for this kind of change. You just have to disassemble the stock fuel tank (and other components) but you can use all the original mounts when you’re ready to bolt the Moto-Kit on; then just choose your design.

You can use the original mounts and stock fuel pump when you swap in the new aluminum tank and cover.Courtesy of Hookie Co.

All the parts are designed and built in Germany. The race-inspired fuel tank is made out of aluminum and comes completely sealed and ready for the stock fuel pump, while four vibration dampers ensure it stays put and solidly mounted. The fuel tank cover, meanwhile, fixes to the bike with just three screws so you can swap it on or off in two minutes. There’s also, of course, a powdercoated steel subframe that bolts on easily without modification to give your R NineT a clean line. You can even use the stock screws for that too.

The fuel tank (Stealth cover shown) is mounted on vibration-snuffing dampers and can be swapped out in minutes.Courtesy of Hookie Co.

Since all the parts in the kit are designed to fit together, Hookie is only selling it as a complete package, and it's definitely not inexpensive ($5,669 at press time). But we hear more tank cover designs and seat options are coming to the catalog very soon, so stay tuned. At the end of the day, it's one of the slickest R nineT conversions out there, period, and the fact that it's a DIY kit is just icing on the cake. For more information, see the Hookie Co. website.

The subframe cleans up the R nineT’s rear nicely, while the connected E-tray keeps the lines clean but functional.Courtesy of Hookie Co.