Hog Wash Matte Finish Cleaner & Protectant

Keep your matte paint job clean and protected with this spray and wipe solution!

Matte paint on a motorcycle can be a tricky thing. It looks lower maintenance because you don't have to worry as much about fingerprints and smudges, but it can be just as difficult to keep looking good as high gloss paint.

Hog Wash Brand Matte Finish Cleaner Protectant cleans all matte, denim and carbon fiber surfaces SAFELY and QUICKLY without using water. No need for scrubbing, rinsing or drying! This formula contains no harsh solvents. Fortified with Polyseal Protection, Hog Wash Brand Matte Finish Cleaner Protectant shields surfaces from UV damage, acid rain, water spotting and fingerprints. Its high lubricating agents encapsulate dirt and grime so that it is safely and easily removed from the surface without scratching. Just spray, wipe, and you’re done! Cleans and protects matte, denim, carbon fiber, anodized and powder coat finishes, painted surfaces, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, windshields, and more.

For more information on this and other great cleaning products, check out their website HogWashBrand.com