Hell on Wheels: Hot August Nights

Flat Track Racing in Perris, CA

Hell on Wheels puts on a few events a year, and they're always an absolutely filthy good time. From the Halloween Hill Climb, to the Scrambles, to this here old Hot August Nights.

Every event HOW puts on is centered around having a good time. It's goal #1.

Anyone who wants to can race, as long as you can put up the small entry fee. It's the sort of event where the minibike class was the most crowded. These guys are notorious for their "Run What Ya Brung" class races, which are always entertaining to say the least.

Even if it has gotten much more crowded in the last few years, the spirit of the events remains the same. Racers from all over come to the Hell on Wheels events for some light hearted fun, but that doesn't mean they aren't going all-out when it comes their turn to get slideways. There were more pros than ever this year, making my job as a spectator that much more fun. Being out in Perris, CA we were all very thankful that most of the racing took place once the sun had gone down.

If you havent had the chance to get out to a Hell on Wheels event, do yourself a favor and go to HellonWheelsMC.com for details on the next one.

Legendary amateur motorcycle enthusiast Michael Arthur