The HD 1200 Cup Lives

The bike we mistook for a rendering is a real life track shredder

I'll admit when I got the first message I was skeptical. It REALLY looked like a rendering. The shadows didn't add up and everything looked too smooth. But... I was mistaken in the best way. I love to hear I'm wrong about something like this, because it means that this beast of a motorcycle actually exists. And better yet, it does everything we hoped it would-- with proof.

The morning after writing my piece on a rendering in the Battle of the Kings competition, I awoke to a couple messages informing me that the bike was in fact real, with pictures to back it. Not only did they build it, but they took it out to the track with Spanish Superbike Champion Cristina Juarranz and moto journalist Tomas Perez to go drag some knees and burn some tire.

HD 1200 Cup
One of the photos of HD 1200 Cup with a background photoshopped in that I mistook for a renderingH-D Madrid Capital

The photographer used for the photos was Miguel Blanco Guinot, a talented photographer known mostly for his studio work, which explains why the lighting is so deceptively smooth and flawless.

The statement I made at the end of the last story holds even more true now: I think this bike could really win it. It's unique, performance based, stylie as hell, still looks like a Sportster, but not like one we've ever really seen.

It's not often that I am so blatantly wrong about something, as I often try to do my research to avoid things like this. This time, my search should have undoubtably gone a little deeper, and for that I apologize. Kudos to Jesus de Juan and the team at Capital Harley-Davidson Madrid for building an awesome bike, and again, very sincere apologies for the mistake.

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