Harley-Davidson Accessories, Helmet Mohawk, Inferno Mirrors, And More - Holiday Gift Guide

Huge Holiday Gift Guide

The seasons have turned, and we suspect you might already be thinking ahead to that gift-giving time of year (for better or for worse). In which case you'll be pleased to know we've got our annual Holiday Gift Guide all properly vetted for you. Stylish duds, accessory bling, books, DVDs and more-it's all here for you to sift through.

Harley-Davidson Ride Atlas Of North America (2nd Ed.) $35Not your usual Rand McNally road atlas, this ride atlas contains a state-by-state chart of key motorcycle laws, suggested ride routes printed on the maps, motorcycle points of interest and, of course, where to find your nearest H-D dealer mid-ride. In-store at H-D dealers and at www.randmcnally.com.
Inferno Mirrors $63The character in Ghost Rider may get a bit jealous when he sees you sporting the Inferno Mirrors on your ride. It's a simple bolt-on modification that even a new rider can make, and it's, uh, guaranteed not to burn your flesh.www.customchrome.com
Garmin Zumo 550 $1077Built specifically for motorcyclists, the Zumo 550 GPS is designed for left-hand operation, even while wearing gloves. Built-in maps, Bluetooth connectivity to provide directions through your helmet headset system, motorcycle and automotive mounts and pre-trip planning software mean you'll never lose a map to a passing semitruck again.www.garmin.com
Cruz Tools RoadTech M3 $75What's more frustrating than needing to make a quick roadside repair with a wrench? Not having the right tool with you, for starters. The Road-Tech M3 tool kit has you covered with its tool assortment designed just for cruiser riders. here's also an American kit available.www.cruztools.com
Roadgear Adventure Backpack Map Holder $30With the Adventure Backpack Map Holder, two-up riding becomes an interactive event. It frees up the rider to pay attention to the road, while the passenger handles the navigation duties. We can't think of better couples therapy. Available in several different colors. www.roadgear.com
Kryptonite New York Disc Lock $65Big cables and chains too heavy and cumbersome for you to carry around on your bike? Well, you have no more excuses with the New York Disc Lock. Easily fitting in a jacket pocket, it provides serious protection against ride-away thefts. www.kryptonite.com
Helmet Mohawk $20Sometimes you just need to be seen: four suction cups to attach the Helmet Mohawk and, bam, you're the mighty Wez from The Road Warrior. Perfect for road captains and other group-ride leaders, too. Available in the color of your choice. www.thehelmetmohawk.com
Harley-Davidson Skull Accessories $7-$50Nothing says, "Happy Holidays!" like skulls. Naturally, the holidays we're referring to are Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Good thing that Harley offers a large selection of skull accessories for various models, including the handlebar mount cover and gas cap pictured here. www.harley-davidson.com
Twenty20 VHoldR Helmet Camera System $350First came video cameras: difficult to operate while riding. Then came lipstick camera lenses, but you still needed to carry the video camera. Now, there's the VHoldR, a helmet-mountable camera that records on SD memory cards, saving up to four hours of your unforgettable rides per card. www.twenty20camera.com
ROK Straps $18 (pair)We're convinced these are the best motorcycle gear straps you can buy, and worth the extra dosh. No scratchy hooks here-they just loop around a frame rail or bracket, without "rolling" off your gear like round bungee cords. The adjustable-length ROK Straps flat-out rock. www.aerostich.com
Battery Tender Twin 800 $170A great tool for those who store their bikes over the winter, it's the solution to keeping motorcycle batteries-yes, plural-charged all through the cold times. And when you're really suffering from cruising withdrawal, pressing a button on the charger will generate cool engine sounds. www.batterytender.com
The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance by Mark Zimmerman $30Whether you're a newbie or experienced rider, at some point getting your hands greasy is part of the motorcycling experience. We may be biased, but we can't think of a better resource than Cruiser's own Mark Zimmerman to guide you through the maintenance and repair of your bike. whitehorsepress.com
Kryakyn Universal Throttle Boss $11Eventually, the sun will come out and fresh asphalt will once again beckon. For those long trips without cruise control, it's hard to beat the Universal Throttle Boss for relieving throttle-wrist strain. Best of all, it fits all bikes. www.kuryakyn.com
World's Fastest Motorcycle DVD $25For this price, you don't actually get the record-setting streamliner, but you do get the fascinating story of the 2006 International Motorcycle Speed Trials by Bub at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We won't spoil it for you, but the record-setting speed is pretty dang fast. www.speedtrialsbybub.com
Dragonfly Stigmata Shirt $42When you're a motorcyclist, nothing says "festive" like flames. And for this icy time of year, the cool blue flames of Dragonfly's Stigmata Shirt say it best. Even the chrome buttons are flame-shaped! www.customchrome.com
Moto-Pets Accessories, Inc.Road Hound Pet Carrier $299Why leave your vicious Yorkie at home when you can mount up a Road Hound Pet Carrier and take the pooch with you? Don't forget the Doggles, helmet, jacket and chaps for the yappy ones. Various sizes available for dogs (or ducks) up to 30 lbs. www.road-hound.com
Fox Hill Farm Leather Vest Extenders $5After pigging out on candy at Halloween, turkey at Thanksgiving and everything else during the onslaught of December holiday feasting, you may find that your favorite leather vest has become a bit snug. Don't sweat the extra pounds-these stylish vest extenders from Fox Hill Farm Leather will keep you covered. www.foxhillfarmleather.com
Kruzer Kaddy $45The age-old problem for riders: Where on your bike do you put items that need to be easily accessed? Answer: the Kruzer Kaddy. Mounted right on your handlebars (or switch housings for Harleys and Gold Wings), it holds beverages, sunglasses, cell phones or whatever you like. www.kruzerkaddy.net
Banana Guard $6No need for you or your banana to get bent out of shape with the, yes, Banana Guard. The high-tech yellow fruit protector is fully vented and aims to keep your lunchtime snack from getting squashed at the bottom of your saddlebag. www.aerostich.com.
Widder System2 Lectric-vest $137Riding in the cold is a lot more fun when you're warm, and nothing beats the cold like an electric vest. The System2 Lectric-vest also has a heated collar to keep your neck warm, plus connections for adding Widder's Lectric-ArmChaps. www.widder.com
J&P; Cycles Pewter Picture Frame $8A picture is worth a thousand words, and with this pewter picture frame from J&P; Cycles, you can preserve it forever-as long as it's only 3 11/42 inches tall by 5 inches wide. www.jpcycles.com
Willie & Max The Hooker $24It may sound indecent, but The Hooker is eminently useful, especially on bikes with scarce tie-down points or expensive custom paint. Install it under your rear seat, and strapping on cargo becomes a thing of ease. www.buywillieandmax.com
Winter Sucks Coffee Mug $10The days are short and cold, the nights are long and colder and for many folks riding is out of the question (tire chains on your VTX, perhaps?). Maybe it's better to drink something hot and express yourself with this practical and poignant mug. www.whitehorsepress.com
Anti Monkey Butt Powder $7Long days in the saddle can get your goat for any number of reasons, but a chafed backside shouldn't be one of them. Enter Anti Monkey Butt Powder, the stuff that's "specially formulated to absorb sweat and minimize frictional skin discomfort." 'Nuff said. www.whitehorsepress.com
How To Ride Like A Pro DVD $30There's always room for improvement they say, and Jerry Palladino aims to help you improve your riding skills with his How to Ride Like a Pro DVD. This instructional video is particularly illustrative in its use of cruisers and big touring bikes. www.whitehorsepress.com
Exped Wallcreeper PL Sleeping Bag $180This sleeping bag is perfect for the touring and camping rider: It has all the usual high-end bag features, plus zippered openings to stick your arms out of (for cooking, etc.) and a unique drawstring at the bottom so you can wear the bag like a jacket around the campsite. www.whitehorsepress.com
Upbeat Audio LLC Boostaroo Revolution Hi-Definition Portable Headphone Amplifier & Audio Splitter $50A huge name for a tiny product. The Boostaroo Revolution increases portable music player audio output by 400 percent, improves sound quality and allows for two people to listen together-all in a package a little larger than your index finger. www.boostaroo.com