Gold Eagle Helps Fuel Up Consumer Knowledge on Ethanol

Understanding Ethanol is as Easy as A, B, C and E

April 17, 2012 (Chicago, Ill.) - Consumer curiosity about ethanol continues to rise as news swirls around possible new regulations and changes consumers may soon see at their local pump. While awareness of ethanol has increased over the past decade, many still don't quite understand what it is and how it affects their car and small engine equipment like lawnmowers and motorcycles. To help educate consumers a bit more on ethanol, Gold Eagle® Co. recently created a very user-friendly tool that provides valuable information on ethanol-blended fuels. The tool shares some background history about ethanol and also assesses the pros and cons of the biofuel.

"We recognized that many of our consumers were confused about ethanol, and we wanted to create a resource to help provide some clarity," said Tom Bingham, director of marketing at Gold Eagle. "It's important that they understand the difference between E10, E15 and E85 and know what type of fuel to put in their machinery. One wrong fill up can cause a lot of damage."

Some tips and information that can be found in the Gold Eagle tool include:

  • The A,B,Cs and E of ethanol
  • The difference between E10, E15 and E85
  • How to maximize gasoline with ethanol
  • How to know if your car is capable of using ethanol
  • The pros and cons you should know before using the biofuel
  • Future usage and production statistics

In addition to learning the A,B,Cs and E of ethanol, consumers should also educate themselves on other ways to help protect their engines. Adding a fuel treatment like STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment®, to their tank, can help enhance engine functionality and improve overall performance.

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