Everyday Carry: MelonTool

Keychain Multitool that gets the job done

MelonTool // CraveForRide.com // $28

When you ride a motorcycle, the things that you carry with you are very important. Not only because motorcycles tend to be higher maintenance and require a little bit of fiddling, but also because most of them do not come with built in storage. It is in times like this that we are so thankful for the Crave MelonTool.

Small enough to forget you're carrying it until you need it, but diverse enough to be able to take on a range of tasks: the MelonTool won't be coming off of our keychain any time soon.

Crave MelonTool // CraveForRide.com // $28


4, 5, 6, 8, 10 ,13 mm box end wrench key

1/4 inch bit driver

Bit 1/4 PH2 WIHA

Bottle Opener

For more information on the MelonTool and other awesome products from Crave, visit CraveForRide.com