Electronically Darkened Faceshield Coming for Motorcycle Helmets

New technology may darken or lighten your motorcycle faceshield electronically. By _ Art Friedman.

Throw away your sunglasses. A new faceshield technology could permit motorcycle helmet faceshields to darken or lighten electronically.

According to this article on Optics.org, a team from Sweden's Chromogenics AB and Uppsala University have integrated a electrochromatic foil into a motorcycle helmet faceshield. Applying a small (one-volt) current to the foil darkens it quickly. Reversing the current returns the shield to a lightly darkened state. The change to the less-tinted state is apparently quicker than the darkening process, which takes a few seconds. No current is required to maintain either the darkened or lightened state once it is selected.

If this system proves successful and affordable, it would be very useful to motorcyclists at dawn and dusk, where a rider goes from dark to intense direct light and when situations like tunnels are encountered.

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Sunglasses could be history if your faceshield darkens electronically (perhaps even automatically with a light sensor).