Eastern Fabrications Shop Opening

Lock Baker sets up in Los Angeles

Nestled into an alleyway in the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles, Lock Baker is putting together some of the most insanely well engineered forward-thinking custom motorcycles ever built.

Lock is a builder's builder. There is a reason that among the 30 or so people at the shop opening were some of the biggest and most impressive names in customs. He isn't just putting an engine in a custom frame, he is engineering every single component from engine to frame in order to make the ultimate machine.

Lock and his new Motus MV4R engine

The latest bike on the lift: The Interceptor MK2 is one of the most brilliantly engineered bikes I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. There isn't a component on this machine that hasn't been carefully assessed and run through the "how can we do this better?" grid. This is the sort of bike you can easily get lost looking at and still never understand the full amount of work and thought that went into it. I recognize some of the other bikes around the shop as pieces from earlier in Eastern Fabrications story, namely "Icarus," whose Twin-Cam engine was treated with Continental aircraft cylinders as well as a ton of other insane pieces that are an absolute wonder to me.

Lock works on another level and sitting talking to him about his bikes, you're talking to an artist more than a mechanic. The passion he has for what he does beams out of his eyes as he excitedly explains the details of his mechanical masterpieces to you. There aren't a lot of builders pushing themselves the way that Lock is with Eastern Fabrications, and with the new space: it's only getting better.

For more information on Lock Baker and his awesome new shop in Downtown Los Angeles, visit his website EasternFabrications.com

Eastern Fabrications "Knucklegame"
John Sender's Two-Stroke Triple
Lock and his new Motus MV4R engine
Eastern Fabrications "Speed Fetus"
Eastern Fabrications Interceptor MK2
Eastern Fabrications Interceptor MK2
Eastern Fabrications "The Mexican"
Eastern Fabrications Lock's daily rider
Eastern Fabrications "Icarus"
Eastern Fabrications "Steel Butterfly"