Ducati Does Cruisers?

Italian firm may be hitting the segment

-October 12, 2010

Ha, made you look. If you've been following the latest Euro-news, you already know that Ducati has been teasing the market with leaked rumors of a new power cruiser for months now. The heavily orchestrated pre-marketing campaign has given rise to much speculation even about the name (Vyper was one, as was Mega-Monster. Please.) but the boys from Bologna have finally, 'officially' announced the actual true name as well as a really vague, shady photo.

The famed Italian manufacturer has chosen to use the local Bolognese dialect for "devil" in naming their new model, called Diavel (rather than the more common "Diavolo"). And Ducati has released an official photo - which shows you exactly one-quarter of the bike. What little we can see doesn't exactly scream 'cruiser' (to us, anyway).

The Diavel's mechanicals - according to the Ducati website - includes Ducati Traction Control and Riding Modes, ABS, a superbike-derived Testastretta 11 degree engine, and 456 lb weight (likely the 'dry' measurement). But the real thing will be out soon - the Diavel will make its first public appearance at the EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan, taking place November 2-7, 2010.

Then we'll see once and for all if this thing is really a cruiser in the traditional sense, or more of a streetfighter/musclebike hybrid. In the spy photos we've seen, it looks like a cross between the B- King and the Griso.

Stay tuned.

For more info, see: www.ducati.com