Does Anna Nicole Smith Have a Big Butt?

TrimSpa's custom is meant to suggest a lithe woman's curves.

We frequently receive press releases on custom bike projects that are obvious billboards for a business (usually one associated with motorcycles). They rarely get past our inboxes before heading to the trash.

But this one from blubber-buster TrimSpa caught our attention, both because of the brilliant move that apparently allows TrimSpa Founder and CEO Alex Goen to charge the $150,000 that the bike purportedly cost as a company tax write-off and the unintentional humor that the press release's line about the bike representling "the flow of a woman's body" and spokemodel Anna Nicole Smith's body in particular. We thought that the ultra-wide rear wheel said something about the "flow" of Anna Nicole's body that wasn't too flattering. We also think that seeing it go "over 180 mph" would be entertaining.

The complete press release follows.


TRIMSPA Unveils It's Third Custom Bike

Built Long and Slender, Free Flowing and Smooth

Cedar Knolls, NJ - April 22, 2004 -- The bike was built to represent the flow of a woman's body, more specifically the "new" body of Anna Nicole Smith. Since her recent weight loss of 69 pounds from TRIMSPA X32, Anna Nicole Smith has been seen all over the place; and now on the fender and gas tank of this custom built bike.

Joe Rubino, owner of Big Boar Custom Cycles in Hampton, NJ designed the bike at the request of TRIMSPA Founder and CEO, Alex Goen.

With the goal set to unveil the bike at the NASCAR Rockingham Race this past February, this bike, priced at more than $150,000, was designed and built in three and a half weeks. Normally, a custom bike on this magnitude takes about eight weeks.

Michael Learn of Michael Learn Airbrush and Design, located in Tempe, Arizona, painted the custom bike metallic red and black, to represent both TRIMSPA's corporate colors and Anna Nicole Smith's signature red lipstick.

"I wanted Joe (Rubino) to really capture Anna Nicole Smith's powerful and confident attitude," said Goen. "The bike exceeded my vision and Anna absolutely loves it."

With delicate fabrication on this state-of-the art bike, the wheels are Rowe Machine Cut, with X32 in the spokes, diamond cut cylinders and an embroidered leather seat.

"I've had a lot of fun working with TRIMSPA," said Rubino. "We are proud of the bike and excited about the relationship we have established with TRIMSPA."

Construction of the bike will be shown this summer on Spike TV.

Tech Sheet and Features:

Owner: Alex Goen
Home: Hampton, NJ
Builder: Joe Rubino
Year: 2004
Time to build: 3 1/2 weeks
Cost to build: over $150,000
Painter: Michael Learn
131" Custom Built Motor
150 Horsepower
Speeds of over 180 MPH
Inverted Front end
6-speed transmission
Diamond cut motor _