The world is full of people who take themselves too seriously, but if you're out at the Deus Swank Rally, you're not likely to see too many of them. This dirt race surrounding the Wheels and Waves custom show brings the crowd away from the beach for a little rowdy fun in the dirt—another way to enjoy beautiful southern France for the moto masses while they're in town.

Riders are tasked with setting their own timer and recording their own lap times, so while there is an element of competition, it’s largely based on each rider’s integrity. The main goal of every person out there is clear—ride motorcycles, watch motorcycles, and have fun. From silly costumes and wild custom bikes to proper jerseys and dirt bikes, everyone at the Swank Rally enjoyed it thoroughly and went home with a huge smile on their face.

Deus Ex Machina always throws a killer event, and a huge thanks goes to them for putting this one on! The Swank Rallies are always a blast, so be sure to check out Swank on Ice from Verona Italy this winter as well!

There’s no shortage of characters at the Swank Rally—the sign says it all, “Will work for food, but give me money for drink.”Monti Smith
Vintage bikes, vintage gear, vintage colors blurring throughout the entire event. All of these colorful racers were exuding style.Monti Smith
Beers, buds, and bikes are all a little more fun when vintage.Monti Smith
The crowd is half the fun at the Deus Swank Rally. One of these guys is wearing a wet suit, and they were very adamant about being careful around the alligator.Monti Smith
Coming around the final hot corner in the race garnered cheers from the crowd even as mud and leaves were kicked into their faces by some of the faster racers.Monti Smith
Deus master bike builder Jeremy Tagand on his latest custom, based around a Yamaha XSR, takes off from the starting line like a rabbit chased by hounds.Monti Smith
Shirt open, gates open, time to fly! Photographer Marco Renieri puts the camera down for a few laps and picks up this fun old KTM.Monti Smith
If you can’t beat ’em, at least look better than ’em! Stylish French singlets for the win!!!Monti Smith
I love the smell of two-stroke smoke in the morning! Clouds of the good stuff filled the air as thick as the crowd waiting to get their first practice lap in.Monti Smith
Speed and style are two things that seem to be inherent in this event. Without either, this race wouldn’t have nearly the draw that it does.Monti Smith
Parisian legend Hubert Bastie grabs the timer and gets ready to start his self-timed lap as is the custom with the Swank Rally.Monti Smith