Denny Berg's Cobra Bikes

The hits keep coming

In addition to Cobra's cornea-searing Suzuki showbike featured in our last issue, Denny Berg wowed the Indy Dealer show in February with a few other cherry builds from the Japanese OEMs. We told you we'd show all, so here are the rest of the details-as promised.

Kawasaki's new Vulcan 900 was also given Berg's way-out custom caress for the Indy show. Zeak's Design, in Colton, California, laid on an impressive House of Kolor paint job-a sweet combination of Cinnamon Pearl, Sunrise Pearl and Copper. G.Q.I. handled the polishing and Precision Plating of Yucca Valley, California, did the chromium bathing.

The engine remained stock save for the addition of a Cobra Fi2000 to uncork the fuel injectors and a modified air cleaner from Joker Machine, prettied up with a Cobra billet cover. A Cobra Tach was added up top and Cobra Dragsters exhaust pipes provided some extra bark out back. Chromed motor mounts and hardware spiced up the normally bland details.

Berg also had his way with a hotted-up 2003 Yamaha Warrior - basically stripping it down to its skivvies, and then adding back only the bits he felt it needed. And it got this list of go-fast pieces from the Yamaha Speedstar Stage IV competition kit: forged high-compression pistons, cams, diaphragm clutch spring and all. Heads were ported by Patrick Racing, and a Cobra Fi2000 was fit in to tune the fuel injection, naturally. Twin Cobra mufflers replaced the stock cannon-sized exhaust.

So there you have it-two bikes, three completely different visions. We can't wait to see what Berg comes up with next year. For more details and images, visit

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