Dainese Releases Dune Collection

Heritage-inspired desert gear is perfect for the road as well.

The patches on Dunes jackets replicate the patches worn by Dainese’s sponsored riders in the glory days of the Paris-Dakar Rally, riders like legend Edi Orioli.Dainese

For its latest release, Dainese has pulled inspiration from the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally. Updating classic pieces manufactured by Dainese and worn by sponsored riders, the Italians are adding versatility to styles that have become iconic over the years. With more modern protection, fabrics, and cuts, the new Dunes line brings heritage desert-racing style with more comfort and safety than ever.

Working with advanced textiles and leather, the new Dunes line is fully protective but ready to handle the heat of the desert, or just your summer commute. The jackets are the big stars of the new Dunes line, named after various stops on the Paris-Dakar Rally, but the line expands much past that. Look at the boots, pants, gloves, and even accessory luggage—the whole set is cohesive and stylish.

Muted earth tones and bright reds are traceable themes throughout the whole Dunes line.Dainese

Obviously intended to weather the extreme elements of the desert, the gear reflects all that with integrated vents, armor, and pockets. Adding a little flair throughout the jackets are patches matching those the original riders wore, with slogans like “Nomads,” “Sunseekers,” and “Dune Squad.”

The whole line is available now, and while it was originally intended for off-road and adventure use, the mix of fabrics and leather will look good on a wide range of bikes. We’re looking forward to getting some of this gear to test and review, so stay tuned for more info!

The Kidal Jacket is suede on the outside with vents through the shoulders and back.Dainese