Dainese Motorcycle Apparel - Italians Invade US, News at Eleven

Dainese thinks protection and style do mix

If you're not familiar with Dainese (die-nes-eh), that should come as no surprise. Known primarily in the sportbike world as a high-end maker of leathers for MotoGP racers (heard of Valentino Rossi?), their profile in the US is pretty slim. They do have a pair of D-Stores in San Francisco and Orange County, however, that shows off their entire line of goods for all sports including motorcycles. We were invited to one of these to check out the 2009 line, and were instantly surrounded by sportbike guys.

Naturally we were a little skeptical that they had anything remotely applicable to guys (and gals) who ride 700-pound bikes, but were thankfully proven wrong. Besides attempting to appeal to all stripes of motorcyclist, Dainese's more casual protective wear is also shaped by the huge Italian scooter scene which also means they make a ton of stuff for women too. From Kevlar-lined jeans, to Marlon Brando-style jackets to rain gear, to shoes. The central principal is protection, their street gear is protection with comfort and style. Here are a few highlights from the line. -BB

Tattoo Jacket
Tourist Jacket
Lola Lady Goretex
Toronto Jeans