D3O Impact Protection Demo

Demonstrating the effectiveness of D3O armor with their demo kit and goo!

I sit here at my desk thinking: "Have I ever crashed in D3O?" and while the answer is shamefully yes, it was one of the least memorable accidents in my motorcycle riding career thanks to the effectiveness of my padding. Before I had the chance to test the quickly recognizable orange pads, I would always prefer the gear that came with D3O, or swap out the stiff and uncomfortable cheaper pads with the softer, more flexible D3O. I just did this because it was more comfortable, but now having seen just how effective these pads are, there's some more serious motivation for keeping these pads in my gear.

The impact protective qualities of D3O go much further than just motorcycle protection these days, though. They have gone into phone cases, football armor, insoles, and many more applications. Head over to D3O.com to see more!