Cruiser's Road Trip to Sturgis

Follow along as we test new touring rigs from Kawasaki and Harley along with old hands from Victory, Honda, and Star. We'll be taking a zig-zagging path from LA to Sturgis, SD just in time for the big rally.

Amazing views near Duck Creek
Goin' to Sturgis day (night) 1.
Midnight in baker. 104 degrees. Glad we left at night.
Stoppin' at Brad's Mom's house in Las Vegas. Thanks Jeanne!
No end to the red rocks in Utah.
Brad's a ham.
Tragedy struck our ride today. Rider went down. We're in Norwood Colorado.
This is Mike, he's a little nuts
These guys are way less afraid than me.
Shooting the shooter. Route 95, try it.
Glen Canyon Recreation Area Utah
Fry Canyon Utah
Setting up camera gear... Still in Hanksville!
Still in Hanksville. Eating at Blondie's.
Rick has a friend with a ranch in Boulder that we got to stay at. Beautiful.
Our horses stayed outside the barn where the real ones live.
A relaxing day on the ranch.
Picnic lunch and rock climbing at a WalMart.
Foolin around at a Sinclair in East Colorado
The glory of Carhenge. Alliance, NE.
It is said Carhenge is precisely aligned with the rising sun at the equinoxes and solstices.
After we stopped at Carhenge we got caught in the worst weather I've ever been in. Gusty 60+ mph wind lightning and rain. So we came back to Alliance after sitting by the side of the road for half an hour. We're only 160 miles from Sturgis but the 1st Interstate Motel hooked us up with two for one rooms... In other words $25 each.
Amazing views near Duck Creek
Our photographer Mike Calabro.
Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Cowboy's smokehouse Cafe in Panguich UT was our dinner stop on our second day riding.
Getting into the Sturgis spirit.
Near Duck Creek UT.
At Black Hills H-D to meet a friend.
Finally in Rapid. Went slightly fleabag to save money.
Stuck under and underpass during another big thunderstorm. Its a party!
Tuesday night in Rapid City and the most exciting thing is that a guy in a wheelchair passed out next to our Vision.
Hanging at Broken Spoke Campground.
In the steamy confines of the AMD builders show in downtown Sturgis.
Your typical Sturgis photo.
Same faces. Same places. Paisley Terrace in Sturgis.
14 bikes, one driveway. This is the same house I stayed at in 99
One Eyed Jack's can be entertaining.