Cruiser Tested - FogCity ProShield

(December 2007)

Some products have been around for years and seem to fly under the radar, known only by the hardcore of our sport, like long distance riders, racers, and year-round riders. The FogCity ProShield is one of those products. The simplest description is that it's a transparent sheet of flexible plastic that adheres to the inside of faceshield and banishes all visor fogging. Actually, that is the description! And it works exactly as advertised, too.

Installation is easy: mark the outlines of the helmet shield gasket on the outside of the visor with some tape (about 8 small pieces should cover it); remove the shield; clean the shield; remove the protective film from the ProShield; carefully adhere it to the inside of the visor; check the positioning; and, press it down tight. Boom--you're done in five minutes. The ProShield will last the life of the faceshield and can be cleaned with household glass cleaner or soap and water.

After a rainy day with the worst visor fogging I've ever dealt with, I installed a ProShield. Cold weather (50-degree Fahrenheit range, it's all relative)? No fogging. Rainy weather (60-degree Fahrenheit range)? No fogging. The only issue is that sometimes the top edge of the ProShield will encroach on one's vision, as will the sides at the extreme periphery, but it's not a big deal. These things really work.

The ProShield comes in clear, amber and smoke and in several shapes to work with the majority of helmets available on the market. They also make a photochromatic, UV blocking, anti-fog shield called Hyper Optiks. Prices start at $17.95. For more information, go to

- Evan Kay