Crave Denim Motorcycle Jacket

Rugged and stylish Kevlar lined denim jacket

Motorcycle jackets come in all shapes and sizes. One can find a riding jacket to fit just about any style, which gives the rider a full pass to be picky when it comes to who you give your money to. You want to make sure that the jacket fits your style, but is also made with high quality protective components in case things go wrong. And with the way modern protective fabrics have progressed, you shouldn't have to look like Ironman to be covered.

The Crave Denim Jacket is constructed with an outer shell of high quality black denim, and lined ENTIRELY (not just the elbows and shoulders) in Dupont Kevlar. There are pockets in the elbow, back and shoulders for protectors if you want to put those in as well.

There is a zipper that runs the length of about a third of the sleeve and down the body to vent the armpits, which is a thing many stylish moto-brands leave out and is very much appreciated on this jacket. The collar, sleeves and pockets are kept in place with velcro closures so you don't have to fiddle with buttons or straps while your riding. The fit is spot on as well: with the vents both open and close I have gotten none of the wind-flap that can come with some other casual jackets. Fitted with a small pocket on the bottom of the left sleeve and a slightly larger phone/ wallet pocket on the right shoulder, as well as the four pockets on the front of the jacket and one inside, this layer will leave you plenty of room to stash all your goodies.

This jacket has quickly become a go-to for all mild weather riding and won't be going on the shelf any time soon.

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